Esports: Visa acquisition, Stations of the Cross for certain professional players

Onurcan “Ragner” Aslan and Dogukan “113” Balci, who became French champions at LDLC OL and won European Masters at Karmine Corp in the spring, are two key players in the League of Legends French league LFL in a few months. became. .. Considered one of France’s two greatest talents, he promised a bright future for esports, but this season he is forced to play in “difficult” mode. Both Turks face regular obstacles in obtaining visas and are forced to evolve far away from clubs and teammates.

Not eligible for e-sports, “talent passport”

“” The problem arises for players from countries outside the Schengen areaLDL COL Director Stéphan Euthine explains. There are no 36 solutions. You need a tourist visa to get them, but the limit is 90 days in 6 months, which is not ideal if you know the esports pace season, even if you have the possibility of renewal. , Or a work visa.But to do that, you need a labor contract.. When sports CDDs exist in France, they are rarely used because many believe they are not suitable for the particularity of the field. Therefore, most players are freelancers and are paid for in service.

And in an environment where transfers are often settled weeks before the start of the season, long procedures can be a major obstacle. “” So, for Laguner, we were told to use a talent passport (Designed to simplify the installation of qualified foreigners, sportsmen, etc.), Stéphan Euthine continues. Therefore, he started interacting with the French embassy and consulate in Turkey, but after a long radio silence, he was told that esports was out of scope... In official documents, discipline is not written in black on a white background. It is not possible to bring Turkish people from the beginning of the season with this talent passport valid.

Arriving in France at the end of March, just before the LFL final, Laguner played almost all of the championships from Turkey on a “tourist” visa. It didn’t prevent him from winning it, but the situation remains ridiculous: ” We are talking about high level players, professionals and coachesBlow away the president of LDLCOL. Absence changes a lot for the team. Even if he can play at his home and do well, the connection conditions and equipment are not the same in Turkey. Above all, we need players to work together and install better group cohesion... At the end of June, when the visa expired, the Turks had to return to apply for renewal.

Lack of consideration

The situation is generally the same for Karmine Corp’s 113, who was able to bring him back to France just in time to play in front of 12,000 people at the Accor Arena on June 21st. However, players who defend the colors of French clubs while illegally on the territory cannot be ruled out one day. “” Esports need to be the subject of a talent passport and need to work in parallel with a list of high-level players to assemble it well, it seems essential and obvious Add Stéphan Euthine.

“” clear Because discipline is growing, there is no reason today that professional-level practitioners should not be considered more traditional top athletes-other countries are already on the road. The situation in Laguner is symbolic. A player of Olympique Lyonnais, he has a hard time getting his position recognized.because

Frontline Sports Ministry

But the problem isn’t new, and if the visa problem is a French esports sea snake … it may eventually be in the process of being resolved. “” This is one of our main subjectsConfesses Désiré Koussawo, President of French esports. The association is trying to bring together some of the players in this field and participate in its structuring. We have a roadmap and improving the regulatory framework is one of our priorities.. »»

In recent years, discussions have been held with the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Sports, but it seems that they are accelerating recently. Especially with this. France Esports recently submitted a set of visa recommendations, including the integration of discipline into talent passports, to resolve the issue. And the recent arrival of esports advisors within the Ministry of Sports is a positive signal that goes beyond the symbol and is sent to this area. “” We feel that the subject is better treatedDésiré Koussawo is guaranteed. Esports and its structuring are of concern.I need results now.. »»