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Albert Einstein High School in Sainte-Genevieve de Bois is the head of Essonne's general and technical facilities.
Albert Einstein High School in Sainte-Genevieve de Bois is the head of Essonne’s general and technical facilities. (© Illustration / Adobe Stock)

What is the best high school in Essonne in 2021 to get your baccalauréat?this Wednesday, March 23, 2022Every year, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology publishes a list of performance indicators for all high schools in France.

Calculations based on success, mention, and access to a bachelor’s degree

The ministry uses three indicators. success rate With a bachelor’s degree Access rate With diploma Percentage of mentions Obtained by students. For each of these data, the value added is calculated to help the high school know “what has been added to the student’s initial level”.

Therefore, the ministry measures the difference between the expected success rate of the facility and the success rate obtained with the Baccalauréat 2021 each time. The same applies to the mention rate and access rate (probability of getting after enrolling in secondary school).

In Essonne, Albert Einstein High School is in control

The combined value of these three makes it possible to establish rankings for all high schools in each province of France. In Essonne, two high schools stand out in particular. Albert Einstein With Sainte Genevieve de Bois Maurice Elliott At Epinay-sous-Senart.

The first 10 high schools in Essonne (general and technical):

  • Albert Einstein High School (20)
  • Maurice Elliott High School (18)
  • Gaspard Monge High School (14)
  • Georges Brassens High School (13)
  • St. Peter’s High School (12)
  • Sunreon High School (12)
  • Edmund Michellet High School (12)
  • Robert Doisneau High School (11)
  • Clément Ader High School (11)
  • Leonardo da Vinci High School (10)

With the added value of +20 and +18, respectively, it is ranked first in the ranking of Essonne offices. With 371 students applying for a 2021 bachelor’s degree, Albert Einstein High School has recorded 97% success compared to the expected 95%. The same is true for Maurice Elliott High School, which gets 96% compared to the expected 95%.

Menesie and Bondufuru high schools conclude the march

On the other hand, some high schools in the department did not experience the same success rate in 2021.this is Marie Laurencin High SchoolMennecy is the second and last facility in Essonne with an added value of -15%, despite a 96% success rate.

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the Francois Truffaut High SchoolIn Bonduful, it is ranked just before Menesy, with an added value of -12 and a baccalauréat success rate of 94% compared to the expected 96%.

The last 10 high schools in Essonne (general and technical):

  • Marie Laurencin High School (-15)
  • Francois Truffaut High School (-12)
  • Jacques Prévert High School (-7)
  • Jean-Pierre Timbo High School (-7)
  • Parc Delog High School (-7)
  • Jules Verne High School (-5)
  • Rosa Parks High School (-2)
  • Marguerite Jursenard High School (-1)
  • Essouriau High School (0)
  • St. Charles High School (1)

Complete Ranking of High Schools (General and Technical) in Essonne for 2021 of Baccarorea

-Albert Einstein High School (20)
-Maurice Elliott High School (18)
-Gaspard Monge High School (14)
-George Brassens High School (13)
-Saint Pierre High School (12)
-San Leon High School (12)
-Edmond Michellet High School (12)
-Robert Doisneau High School (11)
-Clement Ader High School (11)
-Leonardo da Vinci High School (10)
-Notre Dame de Sion High School (9)
-Parc Devil Jennis High School (9)
-Nikola Tesla High School (8)
-Rene Cassin High School (8)
-Fustel High School in Coulanger (7)
-Sacred Heart High School (6)
-Jeffroy Santirail High School (6)
-Camille Claudel High School (5)
-Rise Francois Jose Phtalma High School (5)
-Henri Poincare High School (5)
-Ark High School Joan (4)
-Jean-Baptiste Corot High School (4)
-Saint Louis San Clement High School (3)
-Chevreuse Valley High School (2)
-Saint Charles High School (1)
-Essouriau High School (0)
-Marguerite Jursenard High School (-1)
-Rosa Parks High School (-2)
-Jules Verne High School (-5)
-Parc Delog High School (-7)
-Jean Pierre Timbo High School (-7)
-Jacques Prévert High School (-7)
-François Truffaut High School (-12)
-Marie Laurencin High School (-15)
-Ildo France High School (-16)


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