Europeans struck the Russian economy and the elite

The second package of sanctions specifically affects the financial sector, energy and transportation.

Brussels correspondent,

Europeans had to act as quickly as their allies and partners. In Brussels on Thursday evening, February 24, they signaled a series of new sanctions against Russia, but the United States, Great Britain, Canada and Australia did the same in response to the invasion of Ukraine. According to EU officials, “5 minutes or moreTo 27 to give their agreement at the beginning of the meeting. After that, not only the leaders, especially the Dutchman Mark Rutte, but also the leaders of the Baltic countries applauded.

“”The Kremlin needs to explain its behavior. The sanctions package adopted by heads of state and government tonight demonstrates this.It will have the greatest impact on the Russian economy and the Russian eliteAfter the meeting, Ursula von der Leyen said. Putin “Must fail and he will fail“She promised. He spared no effort, but Emmanuel Macron blamed. “duplicity” Russian President and hisA deliberate and conscious choice to start a war when we can still negotiate peace. “.. The president called a Russian responder a few hours ago and asked him to speak with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.The request is“.”I think it’s my responsibility to keep this path open, denying, sanctioning, and continuing to act, so that the day will come when the conditions are met.“, Emmanuel Macron claimed. The European Council also told the Commission,”A new set of personal and economic sanctions»Because I was involved in «in BelarusInvasionAgainst Ukraine.

Russia’s sanctions should be formally adopted by the EU Foreign Minister this Friday. They relate to finance, energy, the transport sector, export control, export finance bans, and finally visa policy. , Listed Ursula von der Reyen.. Without robbing yourself from giving some examples of what is waiting for Russia. “”Major public companies including the defense sector as well as 70% of the Russian banking marketShe explained that she would lose access to the EU’s capital markets... Russian airlines will no longer be able to obtain spare parts from the EU. “”You need to know that 75% of these spare parts are manufactured in Europe, the United States, or Canada. Russians are heavily dependent on it. ” Clarified “VDL”.. Similarly, Russia needs to learn to do without refinement of equipment and technology. This country will no longer have access to “basic technology” and semiconductors. Pills carry a bitter risk to the elite. Russian citizens and residents will not be able to deposit more than € 100,000 in EU banks. In addition to this, there is a tightening of diplomatic passports and service passports.

Are these retaliations enough to bring Vladimir Putin to his senses? Of all the leaders, arguably the best summary of the powerlessness of finding themselves, despite the unity of Europeans, is Xavier Bettel of Luxembourg. Regarding the impact of sanctions, he pointed out:It can take days or weeks, but this is the only solution at the moment“. Reliance on military power is eliminated by the Allies. A new call to the Ukrainian outlook initiated by Zelensky on Thursday evening remained a dead letter.”Charles Michel elaborated on the sanctions just adopted“The diplomat says.

Possibility of new sanctions

Some of them sue for a radical approach, especially Poland, but Europeans have little choice but to stick to a step-by-step approach to Russian sanctions. As early as Thursday afternoon, before the summit, EU authorities raised the possibility of a third or fourth package of sanctions. Therefore, a swift message is not part of the sanctions adopted at this stage, even if the subject matter was extensively raised by 27 and many people endorse it. “”I have a question“But I slipped German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. The choice not to exclude Russia from Swift made Poland’s Donald Tusk jump.”In this war, Putin’s madness and cruelty, Ukrainian victims, and a bomb on Kiev are all real. Only your sanctions will be disguised.EU governments (especially Germany, Hungary and Italy) that blocked difficult decisions disgraced themselvesTweeted the EPP Chair and the former Chair of the European Council.

At the summit, there was also talk of sanctions that could hit Vladimir Putin and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Viklov. “Many people said it would be incomprehensible not to list them.” European diplomats say.. “We have already adopted sanctions. We are not going back to it.” The German Chancellor reacted.

In any case, the EU intends to support Ukraine. Emmanuel Macron has announced that France is ready to release 300 million euros for the country and send more military equipment. An international donor conference will also be held. “We recognize the importance of mobilizing the international community and all nations of the world that believe in rule-based order.” Underlined Charles Michel, President of the European Council.

During the meeting, leaders discussed in detail the consequences of the conflict in terms of energy, military and economics. Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Moravietski has called on his counterparts to step up defense investment, even without claiming EU “strategic autonomy.” “The budget equation is not simple. In the face of Russia, we need to accelerate the green transition and increase military spending.” Analyze European civil servants.In the case of Emmanuel Macron, the EU “”Accelerate its sovereignty agenda. ” “WeHe pointed out, Demonstration that Europe will be back and probably help in the tragic times we live in.