Every day, the sports school is filled with La Seine

Updated at 19:16 on February 15, 2022

Published at 19:20 on February 15, 2022

Daniel Martinez, here in the center, wants the Municipal Sports School to be a true gateway to the club.

Daniel Martinez, here in the center, wants the Municipal Sports School to be a true gateway to the club.
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Every day, the sports school is filled with La Seine

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The new method of sports course proposed by the municipality has been very successful. Nearly 200 children are introduced to several serious and humorous activities.

The various sports facilities in the town are truly anthills. Since the beginning of the vacation, 200 children aged 6 to 15 have been mountain biking daily on the Janus Forest Path, climbing the ROC en Seyne climbing wall, bouncing on the trampoline of the Lerry Complex and hitting a small yellow ball. rice field. In Burban, more traditional disciplines are still practiced at the stadiums of Bake, Scalia and Langevin.

A true sports farandole sponsored by the municipality through the sports department, which offers a week to one day (or half a day if the youngest) course to all children in the town and its surroundings.

Natural consciousness

A smile that says a lot.

At the Municipal Sports School (EMS), about 500 children from municipalities participated in about 20 sports activities during extracurricular activities (evening and Wednesday). One of the main goals of the municipality is to recreate the actual bridge between the EMS and the club.

“Each child must have the opportunity to practice sports, so EMS needs to be accessible to all familiesSports City Councilman Daniel Martinez describes. In particular, EMS is dedicated to discovery and initiation, not improvement or performance. This municipal offer must complement the one proposed by the club. We are working to meet the expectations of our population and organizations and modernize them. These internships perfectly demonstrate this and contribute significantly to the development and implementation of the project, but highlight the outstanding achievements of the sports educator at the heart of this success. “

A sequence of mountain bikes in the Janus Forest for young Seinoa.

“We have changed the offer by offering all-day activities (9 am-5pm) so that children can benefit from a variety of sporting activities and sports culture education during the week. did. I will explain to the sports club. Our sports educators aim to convey to all children the specific knowledge (history, rules, athletes, etc.) associated with each sport practice, beyond the sport practice and its associated values. I also do the work I did. At Janus, I practiced not only mountain biking but also orienteering while raising awareness of nature by discovering animals and plants. Multisports are featured in various team or individual sports (rugby, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, gymnastics, mountaineering, tennis, etc.). In these courses, the kids get out of the school’s sporting environment and the time of sharing and cheerfulness is much more playful. “

Spring voyage

Warming up before the gym session.

Introducing the trampoline.

This ceremony is a pleasure for parents who can drop off their offspring in the morning and pick them up at the end of the afternoon. “The outdoor center is also full, so there is no competition with the outdoor center.”We promise the aspect of a one-stop shop that centralizes registration.

In addition, it took only three days to fill all the slots in these courses. This will be carried over to the next holiday with additional voyage activities as the weather will be better than in February.

The appointment has (already) been made.

Climbing session.