Everyday life. Back-to-school allowance, cafeteria assistance… how much can I get?

Due to the conflict in Ukraine, Due to the shortage of certain raw materials (paper, plastic, metal, cereal, etc.), it seems that the cost of returning to school will be higher this year. As early as mid-June, the FCPE (Federation of Parents’ Councils) warned of the fact that inflation is not keeping schools closed, stating: in part Jump up to 18% on notebooks and 20% online 38% for some highlighters, up to 43% for some calculator. Canteens are not immune to price increases either, an estimated 5-10%. at the national level. What kind of assistance am I entitled to in this context? How much?5-point decoding using Ministries of Economy, Education and Sports.

1/ New semester allowance

Back to School Allowance (ARS) is usually paid around mid-August. This year, 4% increase as part of a bill to improve purchasing power French. This aid is subject to means testing and adjusted according to the child’s age.

So this year she reach €376.98 children from 6 to 10 years oldat €397.78 children aged 11 to 14 and 411.56 euros teenagers between the ages of 15 and 18Administered by CAF or MSA (For Farmers and Agricultural Workers), with access to all levels of education, available to families with at least one child aged 6 to 18 attending school (starting in 2022) In some cases, if the child was born between September 16, 2004 and December 31, 2016), to cover some of the costs associated with the start of the school year. purchase of school supplies.

ARS is subject to different resource limits depending on the number of dependent children. As you start 2022, take a look at our 2020 resources. €25,370 for dependent children €31,225 2 people 37,080 Euro 3 for 5,855 Euro per additional child.

2/ Targeted financial assistance

Paid according to income conditions, Some aid is allocated according to the level of education in elementary school, middle school and high school. This could be financial assistance or benefits in kind at the national level (grant grants, boarding school bonuses, university or high school social funds, etc.) or locally (within a region or department). The social fund covers the expenses necessary for commuting to school and school life, such as commuting to school, childcare (purchase of glasses, etc.), textbooks and equipment, etc., and can be used in conjunction with the cafeteria social fund.

The amount of college scholarships for the 2022-2023 academic year is 35, 98 Where 153 euros Quarterly.High school scholarship amounts are larger and wider €147-312 per quarterIn addition, since the Merit Scholarship will be paid at the same time, 134 to 334 euros per quarter For students who get mentions good Where very good to a patent. For students, you can apply for grants based on social criteria for higher education. The annual rates for distributed 10 months vary. From €1,084 for level 0 bis to €5,965 for level 7Some people benefit from keeping their scholarships on during long vacations. Click here to find all our services and online forms.

3/Helping out at the cafeteria

Costs associated with school cafeterias, controlled either by municipalities, departments, or regions, depending on the type of public facility (primary, middle, or high school), can be a significant budget for families. Meals are charged €3.30 for him and over €500 if the child eats in the canteen all year round. in general, The calculation of the fee applicable to each child is family business. To find out if you are eligible to find out about the various helping hands that exist in the area (community aid, cafeteria social funds, etc., depending on the facility you’re participating in) pTo benefit from Contact your high school social worker, school office or family benefits fund.

4/ Sports pass

Are you receiving an ARS, AEEH, AAH or have a higher education scholarship? Pay attention to Pass’Sport. €50 back-to-school sports allowance One child or young adult to fund all or part of the registration with any sports association and enable them to participate in activities organized by that association from September 2022 to June 2023; Around. Please complete your registration by the deadline set for October 31st.

5/Mobility assistance

School bus, train… Subsidies for public transportation vary by region, department, and municipality. Find out more about the offer here and see if you can take advantage of it. Please note that these lists are not exhaustive and in some cases the community may support some or all of the subscriptions. Please check with city hall.

6/ Tuition tax reduction

As part of the family-related tax relief, if your child attends college, high school, or is receiving higher education, you may claim a reduced income tax under certain conditions. Junior high school students 61 euros, high school students 153 euros, children with higher education 183 eurosClick here for more information.

7/ Tutoring Tax Credit

If you want to hire a tutor Please know that you may be able to benefit from tax credits for your tutoring fees to help your child in certain subjects.The tax incentive is equivalent to 50% of the costs incurred within the EUR 12,000 limit., may have increased.be careful online tutoring lessons are not covered by this system. Click here for more information.