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ACCS Asnières Villeneuve 92 will challenge Sporting CP in the Champions League futsal semi-finals this Friday (5:00 pm). This is the first time for the Ile de France club and an opportunity to get to know their international playmaker Souheil Mouhoudine a little better.

The final phase of the 2021-202 Futsal Champions League will take place on Friday and Sunday in Riga, Latvia. Drafted by the UEFA following the exclusion of the Russian national team, the ACCS Nières Villeneuve 92 will be the first to participate in this level of competition. In the semi-finals, the current French champion, the current leader of Group A in Division 2, will face the Portuguese Sporting CP team, who won two trophies in 2010 and 2021.

Friday, April 29, 2022

  • 5 pm (Arena Riga): ACCS Asnieres Villeneuve 92 -Sporting CP (port)
  • 8 pm (Arena Riga): SL Benfica (Port)-FC Barcelona (Spain)

Sunday, May 1, 2022

  • 2:00 pm (Arena Riga): Bronze medal match
  • 5 pm (Arena Riga): Final

First contact with the ball

“It was in my neighborhood of La Coeur Nouveau where I grew up in a big family: 4 brothers and 3 sisters. My brother played little football. I was 4-5 years old and he was outside I wanted to play with. My mother told me to take good care of me because I was the youngest. But my brother, he was playing with his friends, and I Was by the side watching them play in a small city stadium. It’s a little dirty city, not a new generation. It was obvious as soon as you fell. You hurt yourself But the important thing was to play with a smile, meet everyone, and mix with the neighborhood. »»

First license

“I got my first license at AS Courneuvienne when I was 11-12 years old. I started playing football late because my parents were focused on school. I wasn’t the best at school, so First I had to stabilize my level and get good grades so that I could benefit from the sport. What’s interesting is that the whole neighborhood was enrolled in this club, but I’m in the neighborhood. In the meantime the coach didn’t know me. So I started with team C or D and scored on the return in the first action. The coach took me out and told me: with team A I’m done with the match. Since then, I’ve never got off and found all of Team A’s friends. (To smile) And I did all the classes at La Coeur Nouveau. »»

First post

“Left midfielder or right midfielder. Still in AS Courneuvienne, these were a bit important positions: dribbling, running, having fun and it was the most suitable position for me.» »

(Photo Guillaume TALBOT / ICON SPORT)

Switch to futsal

“It happened quite late. At that time, I was in U19 at AC Bobigny. I was just past my first year of seniors and had a full season with my seniors. Evian in the 32nd final of the Coupe de France.・ I had the opportunity to play against Tonon Gaillard. [3 janvier 2015], The team you often see on TV, the L1 team. Well, I didn’t draw PSG, but it was still a very big poster. There was my family on the stand. We lost 3-0. I had to extend with the club, but my family also had to help. At that time, Garges Djibson Futsal contacted me. They were looking at me when we could have a double license. I had the dual role of playing futsal as well, and I had the opportunity to play tournaments with the clubs of La Coeur Nouveau, especially in Garji, and they offered me a small contract. It turned off in futsal! »»

Before the euro, they noticed that I had a double dislocation and I couldn’t play. I want to play no matter what happens. I’m ready to leave my shoulders and will have surgery later.

First goal of the French national team

“In Serbia, in December 2016 Power play..lost [4-1] But it remains a beautiful memory. It was strong because it was a great Serbia, a solid team, often qualified for big competitions and able to play against this famous goalkeeper.This is the first goal of a long series [34 buts à ce jour] Opened in front of me. »»

Blue best goal

“The match against Spain at Euro 2018. It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing, but we’re facing Spain and defending the champion. It ends in 4-4. For me, that’s the most important goal. That’s because even if it’s not a return or Zidane’s volley, it’s already scored against the futsal cador. It’s still the goal of scoring. »»

The strongest emotions in blue

“Eligibility for the first final phase at Euro 2018 in Croatia. There were many sacrifices and many things happened. It was that we got over the course and finally participated in the international final phase. And finally it was a reward for what we lacked to be able to start our career and to show that we wanted France to be known and respected. A little anecdote: this qualification. Immediately after, I injured my shoulder at Coup de France at the ACCS club. Send X-rays. They have double dislocations for me and I can’t play the euro and usually have surgery I say I have to do. I send a message to the coach and tell him. No matter what happens, I want to play. I’m ready to leave my shoulders, later surgery I received. I had to sign the exemption saying I was aware of the risk. The staff still put me in the group. With the physiotherapy I tried the straps, I raised my right arm and at the same time my left arm I remember raising. (Smile). I had another strap every day until I found the right strap before the match against Spain where I scored. For this reason, this goal is important to me and is probably why I prefer it to the more beautiful ones. »»


Souheil Mouhoudine has 69 selections on the French futsal team.


Tricolor’s playmaker scored 34 goals in a blue jersey.

Souheil Mouhoudine (Photo Sulyvan MANFROI / APL / FFF) who played an active part in the last match between the blues and Brazil in Turon.

Movement of your favorite skill

“There are many in futsal, but I think the gesture I use most often is double contact. This keeps the ball close to you and keeps the opponent from coming back or getting in. This is the main gesture we often use. It’s the perfect gesture for me. Technical and efficient. »»

Gestures dreaming of performing in a match

“It’s a gesture I often do in training, but it’s rare in a match. I call this the” sun. ” Not Souheil. (To smile). It passes the ball over yourself, as Ricardo does well [son coéquipier portugais à ACCS] In the game. I tried it once in the final of the French Championship with Kremlan Visetre, but Brailleva participated.And twisted his ankle a little (To smile). »»

The teammate you see most often

“At U21, it was Michael de sa Andrade. We played in the same club. At the Kremlin-Visetor, we lived right next door. Now Nelson. [Lutin] And Mamadu [Touré], My teammate of ACCS. Usually after training, we get together to eat and talk about everything. »»

I don’t necessarily have to score to be happy. If I fight, I will defend and I will stop the ball that suits me.

Music to listen to in the changing room

“A very local group called 4KEUS sponsored by the WatiB label. They are small people like us who started from the bottom. It summarizes our story quite a bit. They are in the video. Informing themselves, they now have the opportunity to play on big stages. »»

Outside futsal

“Apart from futsal, I’m a very shy and discreet person. I’m currently taking an” Activities for Everyone “training course at Sandoni. I have training for sportsmen. It allows you to have some hats, not just focus on futsal, prepare for the aftermath on many occasions, at the city hall, at sports services, can be an indoor sports coach or a personal coach .. The idea is to have an additional diploma. I have a baccalauréat. Then I chained several licenses for sports and computer science, but I couldn’t succeed in sports on a daily basis. »»


Souheil Mouhoudine has scored four goals in this season’s Futsal Champions League.

(Photo Pauline CARRE / APl / FFF)


“I really like computers. From an early age, the job of a computer engineer made me dream. I saw how to” crack “computers in movies. I told myself, “Yes, that can be a significant amount.” (Smile) But in reality, it has nothing to do with the movie. It’s just coding, binary, and exadecimal. It’s a lot of numbers, but it really helps us every day. So if you have a connection problem, help your friends and mom a little when you need it. I am also very interested in all other sports, tennis, basketball and handball.In tennis, I’m 100% Team Nadaru (Smile).. American football isn’t too late, I’m watching sailing. I’m not sure, but I’m looking at it because it’s intriguing. »»

Favorite meal

“Cooking from my wife or from my mother from Comoros. Great food in Comoros, Majinbi. My wife is a Moroccan Indian. She makes great tagines. It’s in my world. It ’s the cooking side. (smile).. »»

Best quality

“It’s a little the same off-pitch and on-pitch. We claim mutual aid, solidarity, and rights. atmosphere A smile between us. On the pitch, this quality is also a drawback. To please my teammates, I prefer to put them in the right place to think about my friends rather than myself. I like it when my friends score goals and score. Confidence. I don’t necessarily have to score to be happy, if I fight, I will defend, I will stop the ball, that’s fine for me. »»


“The pain of the loser. I’m in a bad mood. I’m not a person who expresses my feelings because I’m in a bad mood. Will make you smile. »»