Expulsion of Russian sports is becoming widespread

French volleyball players will compete in the 2022 World Cup, but not in Russia, where the organization has been withdrawn.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) launched the campaign on Monday, February 28th. The powerful football federation, the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), and above all, the League of Nations (FIFA), the decision is not so fast, but it definitely started. The expulsion of Russia and Belarus from world sports is now almost complete. Like domino games, the majority of sports federations are currently excluding Russian athletes and teams from competition.

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So far, the International Skating Union (ISU) has decided on Tuesday to exclude Russian and Belarusian skaters. “According to the IOC’s recommendations, the ISU has agreed that Russian or Belarusian skaters will not be allowed to invite or participate in events hosted by the Federation. »» The Russian skater, a key figure in the sport, has won six medals in Beijing, including two gold. Therefore, during the next world (March 21-27), there will be no Russian or Belarusian representatives on the ice of the Montpterie ice rink.

In the wake of football, the EuroLeague has also stopped three Russian clubs (CSKA Moscow, Unix Kazan and Zenit St. Petersburg) participating in the European basketball flagship tournament. As part of that, the International Ice Hockey Federation announced on Monday that Russia and Belarus have been suspended from all club competitions or selections. “Until you get a notification later”A decision that could deprive the Russian team of participation in the 2022 world in May in Finland.

The European Handball Federation (EHF) has made the same decision. It is the suspension of all national teams and all Russian and Belarusian clubs from the competitions they host. This is of particular concern in the Belarusian Club Brest Men’s Champions League and in Russia’s Rostov and CSKA Moscow Women’s Champions League.

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World Rugby also agreed to this ruling on Monday night. This puts an end to Russia’s slim hope for qualification for the next World Cup in France in 2023.The International Rugby League has also been decided “The Russian Rugby Union will stop completely and immediately until notified of its status as a member of World Rugby.”..

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) has also canceled all activities in both countries and banned the tournament. “Until you get a notification later” And their flag and national anthem were ordered to be banned from all the tournaments it runs.

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Faced with this widespread movement, other sports organizations have been under greater pressure than ever before. This is the case for the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB), which was announced on Tuesday 1 after procrastination.er World Cancellation Scheduled for March in Russia (August 26-September 11). “Therefore, the FIVB has decided to withdraw the organization of the Men’s Volleyball World Championship from Russia. The Russian Volleyball Federation and the Volleyball 2022 Organizing Committee have been notified accordingly.” I will explain the press release. France (Olympic Champion) and Poland (World Champion) have already announced that they will not participate in the tournament if maintained in Russia.

The global tennis authorities – the Association of Tennis Associations (ATP) and the Association of Tennis Associations (WTA) and the League of Nations (ITF) – also need to be decided. Some Ukrainian tennis players have called for a reaction to the WTA.Elina Svitolina, who was scheduled to face Russia’s Anastasia Potapova in the first round of the Monterrey Tournament (Mexico) on Tuesday, managed the WTA, ATP, ITF and world tennis and did not follow the IOC recommendations. prize “Accept Russian or Belarusian people only as neutral athletes and do not display their national symbol, color, flag or national anthem”..

“As a result, I would like to announce that I will not play tomorrow. [mardi] In Monterrey, we will not participate in matches with Russian or Belarusian tennis players until our organization makes this necessary decision. “15 wroteWhen Twitter Monday World Player.

Paralympic Wednesday decision

To justify its recommendation, which takes place a few days before the start of the Paralympics in Beijing (March 4-13), the IOC “dilemma” : “Russian and Belarusian athletes can continue to participate in sporting events, but many Ukrainian athletes cannot participate due to attacks on their own country. »»

To solve it, she “We recommend that the organizers of the International Federations and sporting events not be invited or allowed to participate in Russian and Belarusian athletes and official representatives at international competitions.”..

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Russian Olympic Committee Chairman Stanislav Pozdonyakov said in a statement Monday that the IOC’s decision would proceed. “For rules and charters [olympiques], The spirit of the Olympic movement in the first place. It aims to be united and undivided, especially when it comes to the equality of athletes and participants in the Olympic Movement. “..

This issue is especially close to the Paralympics starting in Beijing on Friday. “When, in a very extreme situation”Implement these measures “It is not possible in the short term for organizational or legal reasons.”, “CIO leaves it up to the organizations involved to find their own path.”.. Therefore, it returns the decision to the International Paralympic Committee, “Full support”.. He was scheduled to speak on Wednesday, March 2nd.

Adidas suspends partnership with the Russian Federation

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine also affects sponsorship agreements: Tuesday 1er In March, adidas suspended its partnership with the Russian Football Union. “Adidas will immediately suspend its partnership with the Russian Football Union”, A spokesman for the company said. The day before, the UEFA broke its partnership with Russia’s energy giant Gazprom, one of its major sponsors since 2012. According to professional media, the deal is estimated at € 40 million a year, covering the UEFA-sponsored international tournament, the Champions League. The same is true for Euro-2024 in Germany. Schalke 04, a German club also sponsored by Gazprom, has already announced the termination of the contract, and Manchester United have decided to sign the contract without the Russian airline Aeroflot.

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