Extension of the legal deadline for abortion adopted by Congress: what will change

This is the last major social reform of the five years. At least: This Wednesday afternoon, Parliament will allow an extension of the abortion period by adopting a text produced by two opposition lawmakers, Albane Gaillot (former LREM, unregistered) and Marie-Noëlle. Battistel (PS), who voted to finally read the law, is supported by the majority. Of the 191 members who participated, 135 agreed and 47 disagreed. In 2019, the record year of abortion, 232,000 women had an abortion. Among them are thousands of people who have been forced to go abroad because the legal deadline has passed.

Starting Thursday, February 24th, the law has been published in the official journal, and here’s everything that has changed for them.

Another 2 weeks to stop

From now on, women will be able to benefit from abortion until 14 weeks gestation instead of 12 weeks gestation. Another two weeks to integrate the sometimes late realization of pregnancy. “It will change the lives of women,” says Albane Gaillot. Official figures show that 2,000 to 5,000 women go abroad each year, and because they missed the time in France, especially in countries that border us, countries that could have an abortion later. going to.

“There are many women who can’t go there to do this because of the means,” says Marie Noel Batistel. These are “the most vulnerable women, the youngest, the farthest from the health system, the women with the least access to health information, the women without transportation, or the women who are victims of violence.” », Albane Gaillot adds. ..

Trained midwife

Since 2016, midwives have been able to perform so-called “medicinal” abortions based on the absorption of the drug. This can only be done until the 7th week of pregnancy. Going forward, the law will allow “instrumental” abortions that can be performed until the 14th week of pregnancy.

“They will be trained in this practice,” Albane Gaillot said, showing that increasing the number of certified professionals will enable “fighting the medical desertification of the region.” And justification: they are 23,600 in France. “It’s nothing. We put an end to the form of inequality between women, Parliamentarians argue, because depending on whether you live in Val-de-Marne or in the countryside, you Because they cannot receive the same care. »»

Expert directory

Very specific novelty: On a French scale, the law establishes a directory containing contact details for all professionals (doctors, midwives) practicing abortion. A document intended not only for the professionals themselves, but for those who have to use it.

“It doesn’t matter to blame those who don’t,” Albane Gaillot warns. But to facilitate the female step. Note that this type of resource already exists at the regional level, especially in Ile de France, but not yet at the national level.

“Conscience clause” remains

Initially, the text planned to remove a “specific conscience clause” that would allow doctors to refuse to perform an abortion. However, this development was struck by a parliamentary shuttle at the end of 2021 to move the bill forward.

“That’s our only regret, but this clause is true totem For some parliamentarians, “Laments Marie Noel Battister. The totem for Emmanuel Macron, who returned from the Pope’s visit in November 2021, also expressed his reservation for this law, showing that he respects “freedom of parliamentarians”. ..

What do we say on earth? “This is an achievement and we called this law our wish,” smiled Gada Hatem, doctor and president of Maison de Fam of Sandoni (93). In this structure, dedicated to women, especially victims of violence and hardship, she sees “at least five times a month” affected by the abortion problem. Minors, blunt, non-speaking: “This law addresses the real problem,” she claims. While wanting it beyond this text, it includes “the state puts the means to apply it”, “in the case of local hostility”.