Extraordinary trial of Guedj “butcher” dentist accused of amputation

This is one of the most anticipated exams of the year. This Monday, doctor Gezi’s trial will begin in front of the Criminal Court in Marseille. The two dentists were accused of amputating hundreds of patients, mostly of modest origin. 20 minutes Take inventory of this unusual case.

Dr. Lionel Guedj, a dentist in the 15th district of northern Marseille, and Carnot, the father of a dentist hired by his son, have been severed or permanently weakened (in this case, since 2006) as a result of intentional violence. Medical legitimacy for alleged conduct during 2012), and health insurance and fraud by 47 interlocutors.

“Butcher” according to the Citizens’ Party

For reference, the Marseille Prosecutor’s Office, especially on the side of Lionel Gezi, points out “many shortcomings in providing dental care that do not follow the scientific data and rules of art obtained.” “Most of the time, patients consulted about care for one or two teeth, so the prosecution wrote for reasons that could be described as” classic “(rot, toothache, scaling, etc.). Despite their appearance, the practitioner persuaded them to treat all their teeth under the pretext that all teeth were in poor condition and at risk of falling out. ” I promised.

Patients who are still suffering from the consequences of the actions of doctor Gezi. “Inactivation often occurs in some teeth, sometimes about 20 teeth, with serious consequences for the patient: multiple infections, apical lesions, periodontitis, masticatory pain, occlusal disorders …”, see. Pay attention to the prosecution in the order of. “They blame Me Joanna Touati, a butcher and a lawyer for several victims, especially his son, who is completely incompetent.» »

“I guarantee my clients don’t want to be violent against anyone,” claims Lionel Guedj’s lawyer, Me Frédéric Monneret. He is always doing his best, and if he admits that he may have made a mistake, it is a reckless mistake, not a deliberate mistake. Two dentists face up to 10 years in prison

Money as a motive

“To make money, they slaughter people and are wary of Me Louisa Straboni, who is also a lawyer for several victims. When Dr. Gezi pulled out all his teeth, only a few of my clients He was 19 years old. “In front of the investigator, the third dentist in the Gezi Cabinet acted like Lionel Gezi’s” can sell ice cream to Eskimo “commercial, creating an emotional bond with the patient. I even assert that I know how to build it. “Dr. Gezi abused the trust of these people and blamed Me Julian, a lawyer for several victims. People sometimes came for superficial work, and they made it more. They pulled out their teeth to place the implants to be juicy. “The teeth were extracted for commercial purposes,” the prosecution said in a dismissal order.

He added, “The Gezi Cabinet claimed an average of four times the daily activity of the regional average, 5.6 times the regional average of conservative care activities, and 15 times the regional average of prosthetic limb activities. He was the top dentist at the national level in terms of fees, especially 15.8 higher than the national average in 2010. His sales averaged 180,000 euros in the average division and 2.6 million euros. “Lionel Guedj Record profitability that made it possible to acquire dozens of properties, luxury cars, works of art, and even yachts.

According to the Justice of the Peace, “The professional activities of doctors were based on an optimal profit system that maximizes the coverage of health insurance.” The patient population in the relevant districts is primarily socially disadvantaged. It was made up of people in different positions, “said the prosecution. Therefore, 98.9% of Dr. Guedj’s fee was paid directly to him by health insurance according to the principle of third party payment. In addition, his patients were beneficiaries of CMU at a rate of 46%. “Health insurance damage is estimated at € 3.6 million to € 4.7 million.

More than 300 victims

The main feature of this trial is the number of victims. According to a recent press release from the Marseille Prosecutor’s Office, 322 former patients of Dr. Gezi have filed a civil suit. The trial will also be transferred to a new room in Caserne du Muy, in the 3rd district of Marseille. “The idea of ​​facing more than 300 civilian parties can stress my clients, which I understand,” says Lionel Gezi’s lawyer, Me Moneretto. Of these 322 civil parties, 100 parties are required to testify at the bar at a rate of 10 per day for 11 days. For the November 13 attack trial, the green or red bracelet system indicates which victim wants to speak to the press.

The trial, which will be held this Monday, will take place more than 10 years after Bouches-du-Rhone’s primary health insurance fund first filed a complaint with a Marseille prosecutor. “My clients are happy that this trial is finally coming,” says Me Monneret. From the beginning I was able to claim invalidity of the trial with respect to the non-compliance with the reasonable time guarantee that the European Court of Human Rights understands. However, the civilian parties have been waiting for this trial for so long that I hope that the trial will take place and that this argument will be used in my defense. The trial is scheduled to end on April 6th.