Faced with the collapse of a child champion, an era of discord

3 young people Russian genius does not touch the ice of Montpellier From March 23rd to 27th.But behind the scenes of the World Figure Skating Championships is definitely Noisy Of their name. By being included in the next parliamentary agenda scheduled for early June Phuket (Thailand), Proposal to raise the minimum age for participation in senior competitions, the International Skating Union (ISU) is implicitly aiming Russian model and its very early mature athlete. Today it is fixed at 15 years old and the age limit may be raised to 17 years old.

The measures are not new. The Dutch Republic was already supporting this development in Parliament in 2018. Russia And Japan led the opposition, and the proposal was rejected with 39 votes against, 63 votes in favor, and 16 abstentions. To be adopted, the measure must be approved by two-thirds of the ISU members. Several events have led the League of Nations to resume discussions on the wicked problem of the youngest age. An Australian skater commits suicide at the age of 20. Catherine Alexandrovskaya, In the summer of 2020.And recently Case VarievaDue to her 15 years and her status as a “protected athlete”, she was able to skate at the Beijing Olympics, despite a positive doping test.

“This decision to age makes very young athletes Excessive mediation And the pressure on them. But also, from the moment the skater participates in the Olympics, he may be sanctioned if he is doped. “ Respect Brian World figure skating champion Jubert, who is currently a coach. Therefore, the consistency between the era of competition and the era of criminal liability.

Camilla Barriera wept after making a mistake in the free figure skating program at the Beijing Winter Olympics on February 17, 2022.  (NIKOLAY MURATKIN / ANADOLU AGENCY via AFP)

If the ISU has not yet elaborated on the reason for the proposal, many consider it a way to protect the physical and mental integrity of the athlete. “The goal is probably to escape the suffering of young skaters, but when it’s possible to see kids and teenagers thrive in top-level sports, we always talk about what’s wrong. regret Natalie Pechalat.The president of the French Federation of Ice Sports still tells himself “Very shared” Give yourself time to discuss and ponder this issue.

Another phenomenon may have driven the ISU into action. It is the behavior of a “comet”. These athletes, especially Russians, have a career as precocious as a short career.Was titled in the game at the age of 15. Pyeongchang 2018, Alina Zagitova Followed by people from Beijing behind the Russian media Mike.He was also his runner-up at the Beijing stand Korea From the south Evgenia Medvedeva finished her career at the age of 22 due to a chronic back injury. Another example, urea Lipnitskaia shined at the age of 15, retired at the age of 19, and then disappeared from the screen.

“I’m worried that very young skaters tend to retire very quickly. Increasing the age limit may increase your chances of meeting an athlete with a long career. The public will be able to enjoy skating longer, which will generate a stronger interest in our sport. “ Canadian skater pose Erik Radford, a pair of world and Olympic medalists and a member of the ISU Athletes Commission.Same story in french Mae-Bérénice Mite, a model of longevity.

French skater Maé-Bérénice Meité at the European Championship Gala in Austria in January 2020.  (DANIEL MIHAILESCU / AFP)

For a 27-year-old skater “This very good decision Rethink your training strategy throughout the sports ecosystem to help athletes sustain. In other words, it is the moment when the load and jump are learned. Maybe you’ll get feedback on the impact of making such a size and difficulty jump so young. We will have to rethink our approach to skating. “

vice versa, Natalie Pechalat I don’t believe in the impact of increasing age on the duration of my career – “Waiting for a long time does not mean that it will last long.” – Also, for the evolution of Russian models. “Young Russian skaters are being pushed out by their own young compatriots. the Russia With vast breeding grounds, skating is a national sport. ”

“The junior level runs the risk of being technically higher than the senior level. That’s a downside.”

Brian Joubert, coach

at franceinfo: Sports

Former double European champion of ice dancing wants to keep watching young Russian geniuses skating, “As long as they respect the rules of the game”.. “Comets bother some people, because we like to have the champions we follow, She continues. They attract people. VSSure, it can change rapidly, personally, but I think it’s also interesting. What are we complaining about if these are exceptional comets?

In particular, the president of the French Federation of Ice Sports is afraid to rob the public of talent.And he believes he will grow older “May affect the performance level of senior competitions.”..

By raising the age from 15 to 17, the ISU is working on adolescence, a crucial time for young girls. “In so-called art sports, adolescence disrupts the careers of young girls, so raising the age limit is a real challenge. Their physical changes – Weight gain, Chest and lower back development, start of menstruation – – Affect their performance Physical”, Remember Amelie Pouillaude, PhD student in sociology center reel Sociological and economic research and research Author of a treatise on the relationship between Lille, gender and sports.In the senior category, it’s more public, more authoritative, and judges expect “More successful performance at the emotional level”, Explain the researchers working on these questions at the gymnastics level, Baton twirling rod.

However, intensive practice of sports that delay puberty, a 15-year-old sportswoman is expected to skate. “Like a woman”, Even though these young girls do not represent themselves that way.. “As we get older, we are given time to mature. They are potentially less adaptable and ready to assert themselves in relation to their coaches. The performance they need as seniors, women. And give emotions “, Arguing Amelie Puillaude.

Brian Jubert Shows this improvement in the maturity of the quality of Alexandra’s artistic performance Trusova, Beijing Olympic Vice Champion, 17 years old. “MeWhen she was 14 or 15, I was impressed with her quadruple jumping technique. But there was nothing artistically. It was emotionless and bland. But given his young age, that was normal. In Beijing, her skates were more fun to watch, she shared something else. It’s more interesting to the average person. “ Former international skater says: “Senior skaters can always play against young rivals.”..

Alexandra Trusova during a free program at the Beijing Olympics on February 17, 2022.  (ANNE-CHRISTINE POUJOULAT / AFP)

for Mae-Bérénice You can make good use of these two years at Mite and Junior. “Improve the quality, artistry, detail and pirouette of skating and invent new elements.” “There’s a lot to do with skating, where we focus on jumps, jumps, jumps, but you stand out in ways other than developing your creativity and presenting incredible techniques. can do”, French skater guaranteeing the existence of young Russians “Encourage you to create emulations and push your limits back to compete with them in some way.”

The right alliance between the technical and artistic elements of skating? The scoring system, which tends to be the second most advantageous from the beginning, and above all, risk-taking with proper routines, can ultimately evolve the overall approach to discipline in the long run.