False junior truth about secularism

At the information verification / decoding meeting “Le Vrai du Fake Jr.” with junior high school and high school students, we will return to the information seen on the social network around the veil at the sports competition. These publications are made in the context of collective mobilization for the right to wear a veil in all sports, but there is also congressional debate on amendments to sports law. Proposed by the group Les Républicains for the purpose of banning “Wearing a prominent religious symbol “ in the meantime “Sporting events and competitions sponsored by the Sports Federation”.. These sequences caused confusion and questions among students. Nicolas Cadène answers. He is the former president of the Observatoire de la Cite, co-founder of the Observatoire de la Cite, and the author of the book entitled “Ending with a Misunderstanding of Secularism.”

“”I saw an Instagram post about a veil of sports. Anais says. Is it true that veils are banned at French sports competitions? ?? “”

Nicolas Cadène denies. No, veils are not generally banned at various sports competitions in France. Meanwhile, he points out, Various federations define this sport in competition or the regulatory attire of that sport. In this context, wearing certain accessories or certain signs, especially religious ones, is a hygiene, safety, or related sports game. Therefore, in France, some federations prohibit the wearing of headgear that can act as a veil when permitted by other federations. This depends on the various sports regulators involved... “

Therefore, at this stage, veiling may be banned in football competitions within the framework of what is governed by the French Football Federation, but is permitted or permitted in other sports.

Prohibiting the wearing of veils at competitions for hygiene or safety reasons leads to other questions from students. “”Why are some sports banning the wearing of veils for hygiene reasons? “, Marion wonders.

“”There are sports where wearing a veil can cause real health and safety issues if it does not conform to certain sporting practices.“, Nicolas Cadène replies, for example, he says.Long veils can cause strangulation in nearby sports, judo, etc. It can also cause hygiene problems in swimming pool sports. For example, certain sports can have hygiene and safety issues if they may contain unclean materials or dirt.As a veil, but must be adapted to regulated attire “.

Nonetheless, some politicians, including within the government, have advocated a desire to ban veils in sports competitions in connection with the advocacy of secularism. Therefore, this question from Anaïs to Nicolas Cadène:

“”Can veil and secularism coexist in society?

“” There is no incompatibility between veil and religious signs, including secularism. ” Answer him Co-founder Secular vigilance. Nicolas Cadène states that secularism is not a belief or opinion. “”It is a common framework for everyone, whether non-believers or believers. This common framework allows us to express our differences while respecting each other and the collective framework. Whatever our beliefs and beliefs, we all have the same rights and the same obligations... In addition, he adds, Secularism imposes neutrality. That is, it is forbidden to wear religious symbols only to those who represent the state and government. In addition, public school, college, and high school students are in the learning stage to be free to develop their critical thinking, especially their views on religion, without pressure from other students. Visible signs are prohibited. “”.. If notHe continues, Secularism imposes neutrality only on those who represent the executive branch, as it should represent everyone, serve everyone, and clearly show no preference for this or its beliefs or non-beliefs. .. It is fair and all citizens need to be treated equally. Therefore, although the administration is neutral, the citizens themselves are free to wear religious symbols.“”

“”Which countries allow veils at sporting events and which countries ban them?“, Anais wonders

Nicolas Cadène begins by emphasizing that countries are not responsible for the approval or prohibition of religious symbols at sporting events. “”These are sports federations“Who may need to do that”Regarding the regulated clothing according to the sport you practiced.. In factHe adds, Overseas, as far as I know, wearing a veil is not prohibited. However, game rules, open hoods and tight caps or protective helmets. With regard to the IOC, at the Olympic level, the Organizing Committee will leave the country to send delegations to the Olympics and take action that seems appropriate in this regard. “

Enora is asking another question about what is happening in other countries around the world. “” Is it true that France is the only country that declares or exercises secularism? “”

“”No, that’s not true, Reply to Nicolas Cadène. “” There are many other secular countries. There is not always the same secular system. Some countries are very close to France in terms of secularism.Some countries even adopted secular law before France..MeThe former president of the Secular Observatory Mexico adopted its secular model as early as the 1850s. “FranceHe adds, Even if the word secularism did not exist, it was inspired by Mexican works, and Mexicans were inspired by French revolutionaries. We can also mention Albania, or Uruguay, a secular country very close to us. These are completely different countries and can be predominantly Christian or predominantly Muslim.I have quoted you a country that has a majority in the population and is at a completely different level of belief...