Fassi Fehri Sisters | Welding in Adaptive Sports

After being paraplegic in a car accident in 2013, Sophia Fassiferi turned to adaptive sports, more specifically wheelchair basketball. Her two sisters decided to register with her. story.

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Catherine Harvey Pinar

Catherine Harvey Pinar

It was around 10 pm on July 29, 2013. Sofia Fassi Fehri has just finished dinner with her friends at a restaurant in Saint-Laurent, Montreal. The group agreed to continue the night with a drink somewhere. To get there, a 24-year-old woman at the time rode her friend’s bike.

Only a few minutes after the start, the motorcycle was blocked by the vehicle at the intersection and hit from the front. Fassi Fehri has been banished from the racing car. She landed another 8 meters on her back.

“I remember everything. I broke a lot. My back, my legs … I hit my shoulders and suffered a skull injury. I was fine,” she said. press At a small cafe on Center Street in Montreal.

Moroccan Sophia, who arrived in Quebec for research in 2007, was taken to Sacre Coeur Hospital in Montreal. She had surgery on her back the next morning. She has been paraplegic since that night in July 2013. That is, she felt nothing from the middle of her torso to her legs.


Sophia Fassi Ferri

“At first I didn’t know what I was trying to do in my life,” she recalls. But I have a very supportive family. It worked pretty well. I didn’t lose my spirit or anything at all. »»

Fassi Ferhi spent a week on intensive care and then a week on intermediate care before starting rehabilitation. His goal is to be as self-reliant as possible. What she did. The road to a long career as a wheelchair basketball player …

Meliam and Zineb

Sofia Fassi Fehri has two sisters, the twins Meriam and Zineb, who were studying in France at the time of the accident. A few months later, after their research was over, they decided to move to Quebec.

“The only idea we had was for us to join her,” recalls Meliam.

The three sisters were always very intimate. “We are sisters and best friends. We briefly but effectively summarize Meliam. As a kid in Morocco, they played all kinds of sports together, but Sophia has always been football. Had a special affection for.

Photos from SOFIA FASSIFE HRI’s Facebook page

Meriem sisters Sofia and Zineb Fassi Fehri

“I’ve been playing soccer since I started walking. I can’t walk so I won’t play!” She says with a heartfelt laugh.

It was out of the question that she remained inactive after her accident. At the Lucie-Bruneau Rehabilitation Center, she met a kinetic scholar and took a tour of adaptive sports with her. She tried them all. Her sister Meliam is eager to accompany Sophia in her sport, and she has tested both rugby and basketball.

“When I tried basketball, I said:” If you don’t play, I’ll play, “says the latter. It was so easy! I was really crazy and loved it. »»

“We chose basketball, but it hasn’t stopped since then.” She adds.

Zineb absent during interview press, Joined them the following year. The adaptive sports classification system allows athletes without disabilities to participate in sports. To date, the three sisters have played for the same AA level team in the club, the Center for Integration in Active Life (CIVA), and the Quebec team. Sophia and Meliam are also playing at AAA.

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Sisters of Zineb, Sofia and Meriam Fassi Fehri

“We really like playing together because we understand each other! Meliam suggests seeing Sophia.

“It can get hot often, but it cools as fast, the latter continues. It’s a joke between us. We speak Arabic. On the ground, as soon as we switch to Arabic , Means yelling at each other. »»

Please note that Sophia will be attending a camp with the Colorado national team in mid-May. Only for players with disabilities.


While playing basketball, Sophia Fassi Ferri found more than a new way to consume her energy.

“I mainly met the community,” she says. I met a disabled person who experienced what I had experienced. People who can talk about certain things and understand me. »»

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Sisters of Sophia and Zineb Fassi Feri

His sister, Meliam, also learned another way from this experience. “You … Okay, there are obstacles, it shows. But they can do anything, she says. There are sports and you can travel. You give yourself a means Then you are competent. »»

The sisters tried a variety of sports, including downhill skiing and adaptive water skiing.In the summer, they planned a trip to Greece to do some Kitesurfing It fits. “If you want to do something, you’ll do research and find a way,” says Sophia.

“Any activity will always have a passionate person who is unlucky at some point and has made it accessible to more people,” Meliam adds.

And the sisters of Fassi Fehri always challenge!