Federico Martin Aramble Killing: Violent Drifting of Super Right-Wing Navy Commando Leuk Le Prior was arrested this Wednesday

Former Navy Commando, considered “unstable” and known for “his unlimited violence”, a super-rightist movement figure: Leuk Le Prior, arrested in Hungary, was former rugby player Federico on Saturday in Paris. Martin Aramble, the main suspect in death.

A 27-year-old man was arrested overnight in Hungary near the Ukrainian border from Tuesday to Wednesday. He is suspected of shooting a former Argentinean international player and USAP player who died on the spot after arguing at a bar in Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

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Federico Martin Aramble Killing: Main Suspects Arrested in Hungary

Another man, also allegedly dismissed, who is also active in the super-right wing, is still in demand. Union Defense Group (GUD) activist Roycle Prior was trained at the Navy’s Foam School in Brest from 2010 to 2011.

He was assigned to the Montfort Navy Commando and participated in foreign operations in Mali and Djibouti from 2013 to 2015. He returned to France in July 2015 on the recommendation of a military doctor due to stress.

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Perpignan: Who is this far-right activist suspected of assassinating Federico Martin Aramble, a former USAP 3/4 center?

Banned for disciplinary action

He was beaten up for disciplinary action, we learned from the Navy. According to information from the Marianne newspaper, Leuk Le Prior, known to the judiciary, was already guilty of violence at the age of 19 and was sentenced to four months in prison for intentional violence at meetings and drunk driving at the age of 23. I have been sentenced.

He is currently being charged with “worse violence” against the former president of the far-right group in 2015, along with four other former GUD activists.

In October 2015, Le Priol and four other “Gudards” beat and humiliated former union leaders and undressed under the beat. The ultra-violent attack was filmed and partially broadcast by Mediapart.

“Unlimited violence”

After two dismissals, the five alleged attackers appeared in criminal court on June 1 for the ITT’s “exacerbation of violence” for more than eight days, prior to the threat of weapons. You must attend the meeting while meditating. The fact that some (recidivists) can be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison.

In 2016, he launched Babtou Solide, a line of clothing for “identity”. This is an upside-down version of toubab, the name given to Europeans and whites in Africa. Identity YouTubers such as Baptiste Marchais and Julien Rochedy posed in these T-shirts. The latter evoked “friends” on Twitter that he rarely saw anymore, and he was dating “sometimes around 2012-2014.” “Everyone who knew Leuk thought he was calm.

He was always cracked, after the army had shrunk, but the last time I met him in Paris, he had a girlfriend and the plan looked peaceful. We were pleased that he was better + “written Julian Rochedi.

“The anomaly in the case of Le Prior is that he has long been known as an individual of unrestricted violence. In this case, it is the individual rather than the group (GUD). ..

Prior was known to be particularly uncontrollable, including his comrades. ” “Why did the army allow the addition of apparently unstable figures? Those who tend to be very paroxysmal and violent have nowhere to go in the French elite (…) mistakes.”He says.