Federico Martin Aramble: What we know about the murder of a former rugby player in the heart of Paris

Federico Martin Aramble, who passed Usap (2006-2008) at former Argentine Rugby International, was shot dead in Paris at the age of 42 after a bar quarrel from Friday to Saturday night. Update the case.

The tragic situation is beginning to become apparent. Former Argentine rugby international Federico Martin Aramble was shot dead in Paris from Friday to Saturday night at the age of 42 after a bar quarrel.

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I pay tribute to him tonight. @StadeFrance..
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What’s wrong ?

When he was sitting with a group of friends on the terrace of a bar in the Saint-Germain district of Paris, a dropout with another group occurred. They didn’t know each other before this quarrel began, BFM TV..

The controversy would have started with the story of the bottle.According to some informationThe Argentines would have been pulling personal hoods from other groups, and this person would have found himself on the ground. Several witnesses have reported to police that the man would have shown firearms, while another witness has evoked police armbands on display by the suspect and continues. BFM TV.. Before Federico and his friends left the scene, the bouncer eventually separated the two groups.

However, when I returned to the hotel around 6:15 am, it was a Jeep brand car. JDD, Stops at the level of two ex-players at 144 Boulevard Saint-Germain.according to RMC sports, Federico Martin Aramble would have been fighting two enemies. From the vehicle, another person would have fired without touching the rugby player. In that case, the individual would have picked up the weapon in the car and targeted the Argentines.Athletes Died on the spot as a result of these injuriesAround 6:45 am

A former Biarritz Orumpic player who wants to be anonymous on the spot explained to AFP that he was in Mabilon Bar with his last burger. “There was a quarrel because it could be at the end of the evening. It was sorted out, but the man came back and targeted the three-bullet Aramble,” he said.

I wanted two more suspects

Investigators would have identified the shooter even in the morning, especially with the help of video surveillance, thanks to numerous testimonies in this very busy district.according to point, The suspect is a far-right activist who is known to the police against him and, in another case, has already been charged with “worse violence.” This active member of the GUD (Groupe Union Défense), the far-right student union, is actively sought after.

RMC sports Specify Other men and women who were driving cars are also being sought after by law enforcement agencies.

According to the Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office, a remarkable investigation into the assassination has begun and has been entrusted to a criminal brigade.

Who was this former rugby player, Federico Martin Aramble, who was murdered in Paris?

Trained at the San Isidro Club, a suburb of Buenos Aires, this 3/4 center or 3/4 wing played the Biarritz Orumpic in particular. Two seasons, and therefore two Brennus shields alongside Harinoldoki, Trail, Betzen, Brusk, Reeve Lemonto and more. He then left for Perpignan (2006-2008) and Dax (2008-2010), went into exile in Scotland (Glasgow Warriors, 2010-2012) and hung up at his home in Argentina.