Feet OM-OM: Marseille is no longer playing football, Sampaoli is expensive

Olympique de Marseille, who was about to make a big leap towards the League One podium, finally stalled against Troyes this Sunday afternoon (1-1). A draw that caused another wave of criticism of Jorge Sampaoli’s team …

OM has definitely not been successful these days. Even though Marseille overcame Karabakh on Thursday to qualify for the 16th round of the Europa Conference League, the Marseille club was suffering from a true air pocket in the league. A week after losing to Clermont in the Stade Velodrome (0-2), Marseille believed he had a valuable victory on the ESTAC lawn. Thanks to the penalty from Dimitri Payette, OM seemed to be on the right track, approaching a great job in the second place race, leading Nice by three points. But no, it wasn’t expecting the Trojan to return at the end of the match with a save goal from Touzghar … Jorge Sampaoli’s team was actually in the Orb, according to French football followers. point.

Sampaoli “Stuck”

Walid Acherchour is leading. “Since Nice, the content of the OM match at Sampaoli has deteriorated sharply, but I don’t think we can separate it from the physical side. It’s not as good as we initially thought, and in 27 days OM 8 It’s the match. Sampaoli is clearly responsible for the choice, but this workforce isn’t really easy to manage. His football tastes, result pressure, content pressure given to his label, 1 The arrival of the moon, during a not-so-good prisoner. He got stuck. Again, Sampaoli is the Lyon / Angers sequence of this brush entanglement by Sampaoli. The Lyon match is not so bad and the match with Angers is It wasn’t as unusual as we wanted to believe. Since then he has a butt between the two chairs., Launched RMC journalist on Twitter. RMC journalists aren’t the only ones thinking about it.

That said, the Marseille Group has no doubt about its strengths, as Buba Kamala explained in Canal +’s mic after the match. “We had a good match, we managed, but it’s a shame, it’s football, it can change at any time, and we saw it there, we were careless I made a mistake, they set this goal. I have to forget this match and focus on the future. Yes, we are right because we are still second in the championship. I think the coach lined up the freshest players, I wasn’t tired, it was played more in my head … “.. A statement that doesn’t quite suit the tastes of Marseille’s supporters who discovered that their OM had another tasteless match …

From now on, while the February page is turned, OM will need to find the right fluid to achieve good results for L1 Monaco and then for the Europa Cup Basel. And to that end, Marseille needs to recreate its strength in the early 2022 game.