FFSG Election-Natalie Pechalat: “The Ghost of Didier Gailhage is floating in this election”

Nathalie Péchala, what drives you to be at the top of the FFSG today?

NP: Two years is very short, so I would like to participate in the new Olympics. Beyond the economic and health crises that have affected our federations and clubs, we are very busy with legal crises with scandals and the threat of withdrawal of accreditation related to sexual violence. Is a federal crisis.

Much work has been done to regain the trust of public partners (national sports agencies, the Ministry of Sports, the National Olympic Committee, the League of Nations to which we belong, etc.) and our private partners. I did. We needed to restore the image of our ice sports. This is my priority.

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Two years is a short time …

NP: Two years is very short. I had to set aside and prioritize the files, especially the services that the club could provide for development. It couldn’t be helped, but this is close to the heart of the future. Running these files on behalf of myself, doing everything I didn’t have time to do with two years of repairs, restructuring, and federation upgrades. Today we have a solid foundation for moving forward.

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Just two years after Didier Gailhage’s resignation and the turmoil of the elections, how do you judge your inauguration and actions in a pandemic?

NP: Suddenly, I had no plans to participate at all, but I was driven by my passion for ice sports and a sense of duty, and took the plunge. Containment was proclaimed three days later. It was complicated and we had to adapt. But the priority was to address the ethical and legal issues we are facing. It was an important step and had to avoid withdrawal of Minister’s approval (Note: without this visa, institutions are prohibited from participating in organizations, athletes or other competitions. ) And it represented months of hard work. He then embarked on a number of ethical actions before addressing economic issues in the midst of a global crisis. All this while rebuilding the coalition, as some actors who held the information left their posts. But everyone mobilized for the general benefit, which made it possible to achieve this. It was a pleasant surprise because I set up a secretariat and worked hand in hand.

So, two years later, a new election will take place and you are not the only candidate.Lorient Club President Gwenael Nourie also introduces himself (Note: Candidates did not respond to our request). Are you surprised?

NP: I don’t know Mrs. Nurie, who has never fulfilled her duties within the Federation or the Brittany League. She has never contacted the federal government, so it is unclear who she is and what her motives are. Ice Radio has proposed holding a debate to get an accurate picture of his ideas and perspectives so that the club president, who has to vote on Saturday, can get ideas. But she refused.

Except for his program, which looks very similar to the 2018 Didier Gailhage program, I don’t know who to deal with. I do not doubt his intentions, but I wonder. Does she know the size of her work waiting for herself and the responsibilities she has on herself? As many say, it is Didier Gailhage himself who is behind her, and it is she who pulls the string in her shadow.

He is not qualified today, but I know he is actively involved in the Gwenael Nouriy campaign by going to meet the club president alone. If she is elected by making an appointment with some person, that person will engage with the “his” candidate. Even if Gwenael Nouri guarantees her independence and the existence of the team behind her, there is her anxiety over this election. We only ask you to meet this team, but it does not meet any demands and does not give any guarantees so far.

Nathalie Péchala: “I’m preparing for this medal from the day after Pyeongchang.”

What is the reason Didier Gailhage supports Gwenael Nouri?

NP: I think he wants to reveal his name and take revenge on his expulsion. And he seems intolerable that the Federation survived without him. Its resurrection is devastating to the image of ice sports, and we will regain it, among other things, with the resurgence of peaceful and constructive relationships with public and private partners who are content with the value that the Commonwealth brings. It will be devastating to the trust that has been made. .. That is why I want to build it on a solid foundation. However, I appeal to the discernment and common sense of the club president who votes. I’m for democracy, so that’s their choice. If they want a rollback, it’s their choice and no longer a problem for me! I don’t believe in providential men and women, but I do believe in those who have the right ideas at the right time, the ability to work and a clear vision.

What is your assessment of your behavior over the last two years?

NP: The results are positive regarding ethics, legal issues, relationships and organizations. Field development is underway with a “Uncover Super Power” campaign to detect, get licensees to try our sport, and develop the skills that every child needs to achieve. Obviously, I didn’t have time to get everything in place in two years, so I had to keep running these projects. And this was all done for the benefit of the federation, not for reelection. I set the club’s services aside and prioritized what seemed important to me for the future. This can help you to be reelected today.

And what are your priorities today?

NP: My program has five areas of service to the club, especially to assist club leaders. The second is essential for coaching, as it is currently in short supply and there is demand for clubs. The third is about the development of infrastructure that is essential to the infrastructure of our field. Fourth, by creating the “Zero Carbon Ice Rink,” we will focus on ethics, sustainability, and environmental responsibility. Finally, the fifth axis is the stability and sustainability of partnerships with public institutions, the United Nations, and private partners. We need to attract more sponsors by developing economic models and carrying the value that companies are proud to represent. We’re proud to have come a long way and managed to raise the bar, but what we want to continue is the result of collaboration.

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