FIFA, UEFA, FFF … Platini talks about his future and knocks out the institution that “killed” him, the “bureaucrat”

The 10th before the French team, acquitted by a Swiss court last Friday, begins with an interview given to LCI this Friday.

Michel Platini empties his bag. After a long seven-year soap opera recently released by Swiss Justice, the former president of Fifa said LCI this Friday. A future that doesn’t go through the football system, that’s for sure … and this is “Plateau¬ĽAt the age of 67, he was free to use the features of his choice. Believe he is with his family, “Requires considerable media rest“Fifa, a former vice president of the French Football Federation (FFF) and a former president of the UEFA, no longer wants to evolve in this environment.”I decided not to play in Fifa, decided not to play in UEFA, and decided not to play in the French Football Federation. I decided not to introduce myself to Fifpro.“, He says.

Decisions that are not new to Platini explain that he took them.Long before“.”I wanted to raise the fake head high and say it without being affected by the indictment“He hits a cicada song with a mallet as a background sound.”Soccer players, players, games, clubs, these are what I see. It’s everyday football, grassroots football.This is what fans love and I’m always a football fan, but not a fan of these institutions“, He adds and guarantees it.”The world is no longer interested in him. I was disappointed in this world.“The former playmaker of Bruce no longer wants to wear the sports minister’s costume if President Macron offered it to him.”No, I want to live a little quieter“, He will not detour and let go.

7 years of turmoil

Recall that Platini has been in a storm since 2015 in a battle for payments from FIFA and its former president, Sepp Blatter. The case of cutting his wings, actually his head, when Fifa’s reins were promised to him. It is clear that Gianni Infantino, who inherited it, was targeted by Platini in previous interventions. Swiss leaders are clearly not quoted here.

“”Of course, the goal was to get rid of me for seven years. (…) I said that when I left the courtroom: they won. Seven years ago, I was supposed to be president of FIFA. Today, I’m certainly not sunbathing in Cassis, I’m sure I’m on a plane before shaking hands with a hypocrite. Since then, I have matured, grown, grown and turned 67 years old. How is it going? I don’t want to spend my life on a plane or dating someone I don’t like.What i really don’t like“Michel Platini says she’s relaxed and calm, but her boots are solid and upright.”The wound is deep“But I decided to claim his rights by contracting on a legal basis.”What happened to all these institutions that don’t admit my innocence? What’s behind you?So I will file a complaint in Paris and file a civil suit in Switzerland“He remembered and picked up the term.”Counterattack“.

Many people believed in me, but others killed me

Michel Platini

Claims to have been hurt byMedia trialPlatini also said to his satisfaction:People believed (his)In the middle of a storm. “”People who were honest and honest and believed that I was going to do something for football. Many believed in me, but few killed me.“The words are out …

But the resurrection may be near. In any case, the former 1984 European champion is not going to completely retire from the world of football, which took him from AS Nancy Lorraine to the best sphere in a tricolor jersey. Via World Championships, Saint-Etienne and Juventus Turin. “”I’ve always said that if there’s something interesting for football, I’ll do it, but these institutions didn’t. These institutions are a world that has disturbed me and hasn’t pleased me in recent years, and I don’t want to return to that world.But if there’s something very positive for football, games, and players, I’ll try to do it“, He said, and to continue:I don’t think players are part of today’s football world. All these bureaucrats hate soccer players. But if there is something interesting, I will try it, and I have an interesting idea.Michel Platini is not dead.