First political reaction against the backdrop of tensions in Corsica

The Corsicans marched during a demonstration in honor of Yvan Colonna in Corte on March 6, 2022, four days after the attack on nationalist activists in Arles prison.

The first reaction came shortly after the announcement of the death of Corsica’s independent activist Yvan Colonna, who was sentenced to life imprisonment for the assassination of Elighak, who was injured during the assassination, on Monday night, March 21. At Arles Prison on March 2nd.

“Yvan Colonna, Corsica’s patriot, I’m alive and well forever! We’re always by your side.”On Twitter, in Corsican, responded to the Corsican Fem of Gilles Simeoni, the autonomous president of the island’s executive council. “Yvan Colonna died on Corsica”Posted to the main Independence Party, Core in Fronte, still on Corsica, with a black-and-white photo of the activist adjacent to the message. “To you a hug of this earth”..

The only official elected to react in her own name on Corsica was Marie Antoinette Mopeltuis, Autonomist President of the Corsica Parliament. “” [s]With condolences [s]We support “ To the family of Ivan Corona.

Quiet gatherings in Bastia and Ajaccio

Corsican activists were doubly welcomed in Spain. On Twitter, the Catalan Parliament «Condolences (…) For the entire Corsica independence movement “While repeating him “Support for protests”.. “Two people, one battle. Solidarity and condolences»Welcomed the Basque Nationalist Party Sortu.

The announcement of his death did not confuse the calm of the island of beauty on Monday night. In Bastia, only dozens of people gathered in front of the gates of the courthouse, holding two flags with slogans. “Statuing lese murder” (“Murder French State”). Another rally was quietly held in Ajaccio in front of the cathedral.

The only angry message came from Sridalita, an association that defends Corsican political prisoners, and through his general secretary tweeted: “Woe to this murderous French nation. »»

Political reaction

“It’s a tragedy for Yvan Colonna. I call on you to stay calm and calm and not to burn Corsica.”Declared Valérie Pécresse, a Republican (LR) candidate for the presidential election, at CNews following intense demonstrations over the past few weeks. The candidate on the right is “We do not negotiate under pressure from the street, we negotiate [sur l’autonomie de la Corse] When the order returns.. “I want this decentralization. I’m a regionalist, a patriot, and a European. I’m not afraid to give power to the region, but we give it autonomy. If so, it must be accompanied by an obligation of consequences. “She developed.

On his side La France Insoumise (LFI) MP Eric Coquerel Said on Twitter: “When I arrived in Ajaccio, I learned of Yvan Colonna’s death. This tragedy would never have happened if he had benefited from the reconciliation, as requested by other agents. A parliamentary commission to find the truth is essential. »»

Laurent Jacobelli, a spokesman for the National Rally (RN), said he did not understand LCI. “Only in the state of law (…), DuPont Moretti is still the Minister of Justice. ” that too, Support for Gilbert Corrado and Eric Zemmour Tweeted in the presidential election: “Ivan Corona is dead. His assassin is a jihadist born in Cameroon. This kind of individual must have returned to his country long ago. This was proposed by Eric Zemmour. This was the case if the “Ministry of Migration” was implemented. »»

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