Fiss of Montpellier: According to Elbe Andre Benoit, “Riders are 21st century gladiators.”

Interview with the boss of the Hurricane Group, the organizer of the global event.

You are celebrating the 25th anniversary of Fismont Perrier. What does this mean to you?

We have finally succeeded in democratizing our sport. They attended the Tokyo Olympics last year. We wanted to do this without losing the DNA that is the essence of these areas. A new challenge for the next 25 years is to ensure that our sport enjoys benefits, especially financial benefits, by increasing TV viewers to gain more rights and athlete sponsorship. Is to do.

We need to continue to build the sport so that there is an economic model behind each rider, each event organization. FISE Montpellier is one example. The Hurricane Group’s business model is in the red, but it is seen by millions of people around the world. Riders are now considered real athletes and are 21st century gladiators.

FISE is what Montpellier is and Feria is what Neem is.

Did you imagine what happened to Fiss today in 1997?

If we know all the risks that exist when we embark on a project, we won’t go. You must be reckless and believe in yourself. We don’t spend time looking in the rearview mirror. I imagined the next year, but didn’t project myself. We are proud of what we have done. Pride alone is not enough. The machine needs gasoline to move forward.

Perhaps the characteristic of extreme sports is that they have a culture that achieves such a lasting evolution.

I learned that you have to know how to fall so that you can get up and not be too difficult. But if you don’t take risks, you can’t make progress. These sports were the school of my life. These are individual sports, but we do nothing alone. We must be inspired and supported by the best.

How did you digest the episode of Covid?

It was very tried because I tried 3 times to organize Fise. Now that we’re on the banks of the lesbians, we know that our essence is to hold a show and scream the masses thanks to the riders. I feel it is necessary to understand what we do on a daily basis. The Hurricane Group managed to maintain its finances despite losing more than 85% of its earnings. Today everything starts again. Fise is an event reference for making sporting events a festival in which the general public is an actor. This recovery is a crucial time.

What can viewers see this year?

The sport level has already exploded. The public will see an extraordinary sight. I had to quit wakeboarding, but I replaced it with breakdance at the peak of international competitions, especially in the form of the Olympics. I want to keep the atmosphere of this street. The quality of the infrastructure is even better. There is also strong enthusiasm from more riders this year.

How is organizing Fiss in Montpellier special to you?

I’m from Montpellier. It is the city of our hearts. We love it. Most of my staff live here. We want to feed our universe, and it works. Lesbian banks are like Montpellier and can host free events. This is an opportunity to work with a local actor. FISE promotes cities, big cities, and regions. Feria for Neem is for Montpellier.

The organizers of Fiss and the City of Montpellier will announce the 2022 program this Thursday morning.