Five Questions About the Legal Center Specializing in Consecutive Crime and Unsolved Cases

A start signal is Dedicated judicial center “Continuous crime and unsolved crime”Was launched in Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine) on Monday, February 28th. My goal is, “Cold case” (English “cold case”) “To stay alive judicially and provide answers to victims”In the words of the Minister of Justice, Eric Dupond Moretti was announced in January when the enforcement order was announced. Franceinfo details the role of this center and its operation.

1How was this pole created?

The idea of ​​such a center sprouted at the end of the work of the Commission responsible for reflecting improved judicial treatment. “Cold box”, It was overseen by prosecutor Jack D’Arrest near the Court of Appeals in Grenoble (Isere). After receiving the Commission’s report, the Prime Minister selected a national unit responsible for consecutive or unresolved crimes.Its creation is Register with Judiciary Trust Law, Promulgated on December 22, 2021.. Estelle Mouzin’s father, who died 19 years ago, wrote to Eric Dupond-Moretti on January 5 so that the poles of the country could see the light of day immediately. To ask him to do it very quickly.

With this emailAfter consulting with Franceinfo, Eric Mouzin was worried about the departure of the investigative judge responsible for investigating the disappearance of his daughter on December 31, 2021. According to him,The arrival of a new justice of the peace to track this long and boring file “Risk of miserable guidance”In this case, Judge Sabine Kheris, Michel Fourniret. The latter finally admitted that they had kidnapped Estelle in 2020. ERick Mujin was afraid “Information loss in the processing of ongoing investigations” not only, “Dismantling a competent and efficient team”. He insisted and finished the letter “Act urgently”.. The keeper of the seal finally answered in an interview with January 12th. 20 minutes : “I wanted to go early, so I will release it on March 1st.”

But the idea is nothing new.Eric Mujin kept asking “Professional Jury” In the case of a disappeared person. Like other disappeared families, he made it one of the strengths of his fight. “We’ve been asking for this pole for 20 years (…) it was an emergency.”Responded to franceinfo with Corinne Herrmann, a lawyer who defends Eric Mouzin with his colleague Didier Seban. “It’s time for us to provide the answer to our families.” She added when she learned of the founding of this center. “Cold box”.

2What is it used for?

This new pole must be able to counter the effects of the passage of time above all else. “In the investigation office, judges work for a limited time and are then replaced by colleagues. Therefore, very long files, complex files, and three or four justices of the peace follow each other. I understand. “, The Minister of Justice explains. “But the passage of time is the worst enemy of unraveling the case, because for a thousand reasons, witnesses may live elsewhere because of their memory fading.” Eric Dupont Moretti continues.

One of the goals is to avoid prescriptions. Once the file is closed, the prosecution will not be possible unless a new exploitable element occurs. For most crimes, the statute of limitations is 20 years from the last proceeding. This often causes families to take more steps to prevent the file from being closed permanently.

Not only does it save time, it also improves efficiency. This is another promise of this new judiciary. “This allows us to have professional judges, such as anti-terrorism judges and financial judges. They only deal with these cases and, of course, develop specific techniques, but above all they. Become a justice of the peace to understand. Much better“Emphasis on Corinne Harman. “We tell ourselves that it is better to concentrate everything in one place, with a dedicated justice of the peace, and we can see if there are any similar disappearances.” Bleu Isère, France, Dalila Boutvillain, His brother Malik disappeared while jogging in Echirolles (Isere) in May 2012.

3What is that organization?

This jurisdiction consists of three investigative judges.First Vice President and two Vice Presidents. The first Vice President was a pioneer, in other words, he was in charge of installing this pole. On the side of the parquet, Justice of the Peace, 3 Secretaries and 2 Professional Lawyers. These security judges are 100% seconded to this Nanterre-based judiciary within the jurisdiction of the Versailles Court of Appeals.

Judge Sabine Kheris, who made a name for himself in the Estelle Mouzin case, has been appointed as the head of this new pole. The Ministry of Justice said it was proposed by the Prime Minister at the end of January on February 21, and his candidacy was verified by the High Council of Justice. “We are confident that this experienced and humane security judge has the skills to understand and deal with the problems of old and serial killer cases.”Welcomed RTL lawyer Corinne Harman. “We want to join a justice of the peace who will allow her to respond to many families waiting for a response.”

FourHow does it need to work?

“Cases that were not unraveled after 18 months of futile investigation may be sent to Paul, but it favors all cases that lasted 18 months without us finding traces of the author. Doesn’t mean it will be sold to this pole’s “, You have specified Eric Dupont Moretti. “Victims cannot enter this center directly. If they have more than one family member involved, they can ask the prosecution to investigate their case at this center.”, He added.

“Investigators have complete freedom to continue with the first investigator or to use unresolved crime-specific services such as the Diane division of Pontoise. Collaboration with the first investigator and professional services. Sagin is also completely possible. “Details of the seal keeper. The Launched by the Constitutional Corps in October 2020, the Diane division (unresolved case division) has approximately 30 people, including experts, behavioral analysts, and even criminal analysts who detect the continuous nature of crime. It is made up of an interdisciplinary team of researchers from. It also relies on the skills of 250 scientists at the Pontoise Criminal Institute (IRCGN).

“Create the file from scratch and atomize it according to the skill of the staff, both technical and scientific.”General Fabris Buillier, head of the National Gendarmerie’s Central Criminal Information Agency (SCRCGN), told AFP in January, by re-studying seals or making new reconstructions. “The idea is to get everything in sight by developing a new research hypothesis.”He continued.

“They can handle a lot of business, but I think the next step will probably require the creation of one or more regional poles that will allow for better proximity to the family later. ,, and Estimated prosecutor Jack D’Arrest in Blue Isere, France. The idea that a justice of the peace defended in his report. actual,The law on trust in the judiciary stipulates the possibility of such evolution if the executive branch makes such a decision.

FiveWhen are you waiting for a judge?

More than 240 ongoing cases could be entrusted to three investigative judges. In detail, according to the Keeper of the Seals of France, there are 173 unresolved crimes in France, for which justice has been seized and there are 68 consecutive criminal proceedings. “We have 80 cases in our company, so I think it will increase explosively. We estimate that there are 200 unresolved cases every year, so if we calculate over several years, we have accumulated a lot of cases. . “I believe in Corinne Harman for her part.

In the most famous Gregory Wilmin case, the boy was found dead in Vologne (Volgne) in 1984. ..