Five Questions About Voter Registration Before the March 2nd and March 4th Deadlines

The presidential election is 40 days later. However, you must be at least 18 years old and on the voter list to be able to vote for future Presidents of the Republic in the first and second rounds of April 10 and 24.

Franceinfo explains the steps you need to take to get on the voter list of your municipality in time, ensuring that you fulfill your obligations as a citizen.

1How do I get on the voter list?

To vote for the April 10th and 24th presidential elections, you can register online at the site or send the document to the city hall by mail (a form that can be downloaded online). increase. Those who want to register.

Three documents: an ID card, a rent receipt for less than three months justifying residence in the municipality, and a Cerfa document to fill out to formalize the procedure, regardless of physical requirements online or at the city hall. Will be asked. ..

Please note that you can register online until March 2nd (Wednesday) in this presidential election. For paper routes, the city hall must have received this document on Friday, March 4, for this registration to be valid.

2How can I confirm that I am registered?

You can check online to see if you are on the electoral list of your municipality. To do this, simply go to the website and fill out a form that prompts you to enter your city’s name, name and name, gender, and date of birth.

Then you need to click on the purple tab “Please check the voter information”And if you are properly registered, you will get your referendum number, the address and number of your polling place, which you will provide to give and receive agents.

If you notice any mistakes or omissions, we recommend that you contact the relevant municipality to confirm their registration on the electoral list and change the voting municipality if necessary.

3Is it possible to vote by letter or by proxy?

It was abolished in France in 1975, but mail voting is not yet allowed. You also cannot vote online. On the other hand, if you cannot go to the municipality registered on the polling day, the adult guardianship system is possible. Best of all, you have to vote for you and appoint an agent who knows either his voter number and date of birth, or all his citizen status data and his voting commune. ..

This agent must be registered with the same municipality as the adult guardianship system (principal), but can belong to another polling place in this municipality. Requests for adult guardianship can be made online by verification at the police station, gendarmerie, or consulate.

It can also be physically established by going directly to these locations. Agents cannot have more than one adult guardianship system, only one of which is established in France.

FourWhat if I’m removed from the list?

To challenge the removal from the electoral list, you must first file an administrative appeal with the governing board of the electoral list of the deleted municipality.

The management committee will make a decision within 30 days and then notify the mayor and you within 2 days. If the decision confirms cancellation, a disputed appeal will be possible in the judiciary court.

FiveIf you just moved, what are the steps to vote?

You will need to register with the city office of your new residence or declare your new address to the city office of the municipality you are voting for. If you move to a new municipality before Friday, March 4, you can vote in the presidential elections on April 10 and 24. To do this, you must be on the electoral list of your new municipality by March 4th (see the first question on March 2nd for online registration).

The management site summarizes the various scenarios and steps you should follow to be able to vote in the spring.