Fleury Loire handball in crisis after losing to Nice

Initiative The start of the second half of Sunday, March 20 was bad, Fleury HB lost to OGC Nice in Orleans’s Palade Sport, 23-25 ​​years old. And this is on behalf of the 19th day of the Women’s League Championship. Here’s the Panthers, a red lantern, five points behind the penultimate team in the standings, Sel Schulbel. Never before has FLHB been found to be in such an uncomfortable position with the goal of maintaining it within the elite.

Connected during breaks

Freisoise, who participated in the Coupe de France semi-finals, reached a break with a parity score of 11-11. Ekoh (4/4) and Rizo Gomez (3/3), despite three numerical advantages and two players with 100% success. This was all 7-5 (17 days) after the first period when four balls of +2 were needed to take the first break at the end of the initiative by Ekoh.

FLHB was interrupted by Abdelmalek and supported by Colic’s performance in his cage, behind a defense where Ditte Vind had 6 stops and a central hinge composed of Gassama-Cissokho and Mumbongo worked pretty well. Appeared intentionally to the Nice organization (7 saves 18 shots, or 31% success).Army opposition was leading Balanced in the first act (57% successful shooting on both sides)I know that FLHB may have wanted to be better without the loss of 6 balls.

7 minutes without scoring

Unfortunately for them, the recovery turned out to be complicated for Christoph Kassan’s player who endured 4-0, 11-15 in 5 minutes of space. Weak weather that wiped out all the efforts made upstream and put Aiglonnes on the right track. OGC Nice took the lead in the score and pushed the points home thanks to Sy, 11-16 (37th). The biggest gap in the game. AIE Aie Aie ..

Then it was necessary A lot of hearts in Panthers To avoid a difficult situation due to the possibility of being demoted to Division 2, Ekoh and Peillon have a range of 15-17 (43rd) before there are three or more -1 balls. Allowed to stay inside. Everything failed! The fourth chance was good because Sancare finished 16-17 (47th). Fleury HB then returned to the game, but he harvested two equalizing balls 17-17 and finished the race on the stand, especially on the pass …

The clock was ticking and Fleuryssoises stayed in touch at 18-20. Shake at the entrance of the nice area, touch with your left hand, Rezogomez was forced to join the bench, 19-21 (53rd), the dawn of money time when tensions became apparent. Skolkhova (57th) red card (three temporary exclusions) ignited the sports hall like Gassama-Cissokho, 22-22 (58th) equalizer. The rest were played in detail: a block from von Pereira, a shot from Techel on the crossbar, a “walk” from the eco. The last throw 7 meters from Abdel Marek. Great victory, 25-23.

Laurent Coursimault