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About Christopher Nkunku

“He has evolved in terms of position and use on the pitch and has been able to achieve very good efficiency in both scoring and scoring goals. He maintains a very high level of performance. Already high since last season. He may have been called before. He has room for improvement, but has the highest level of consistency. “

About Antoine Griezmann

“He represents a lot, on the pitch and humanly, he is a loving person. Many people appreciate his generosity. He is on the French team. Belongs and is part of a very successful hardcore .. “.

About the absence of Usmanu Dembele

“He played a match this weekend and he was good … good for Ottoman. As I said Thursday before playing Classico, he’s recovering. He’s already with us. I’m coming to. I know what he can do. See you in June. “

Worthless match?

“The joy of meeting is there. Four months have passed and it’s the beginning of the French team. I’m trying to be realistic. Many players have played a very important match before the rally and then more important. But with the French team, the stadiums in Marseille and Lille will be full. I can say that the match is not worth it, but I know I have to win these matches. If you don’t, the value will increase quickly … I like having friends on my behalf rather than on behalf of French and Italians. “

About the difficulty of finding a goodwill match with an African team

“World Cup preparations are never truncated and nothing. As mentioned earlier, Nations League matches serve as preparations. It gets harder and harder because the calendar isn’t always the case. Compatibility There is sex. It’s only for us. It was more difficult to find friends for four or five years. “

Do you have any advice for beginners?

“It’s not advice. Already, we need to reassure them. It’s a new context, it’s an emotionally strong moment. Let’s be as natural as possible. We need to predict tomorrow. When they become international. , Their outlook changes .. There is more criticism. You have to be aware of it. There are requirements, you have to prepare for it. “

About Kylian Mbappe

“He’s always a mature person. He’s an aggressive leader. His words are important. He occupies a very important position on the French team. Then he insists a lot from the pitch. He’s not the person to do. He’s pitch, pitch … “

About the purpose of the friendly match

“The common goal is for the French team to remain efficient and competitive. We need to take into account the situation of a particular player who has played many games and then has a deadline. Two. The same team between games. We all have to worry, it involves changing players from one game to another. “

About Saliba’s first summon

“We’ve been following him for a while. He has hope. I often talk to Sylvain Ripoll. He’s been aware of it since the weekend. Maybe he could have announced his subpoena yesterday. Maybe I waited for the match with OM to end. He knows the system of the game. He has a good heading game and sometimes there was a slight excess in these situations. It also creates a lot of tranquility and tranquility. Raise with a ball. “

New question about Giroud’s situation

“He had a long-standing position. It has to do with his use and his playing time. There is competition, but it has nothing to do with the presence of Mbappe or Benzema. It is compared to my choice. He has been playing for a very long time .. Anything is possible, but it is not unique to Giroud. Players who have been used for years to get status are people I think the less it is, the more complicated it is. This is the reality of today, and it is always the case. “

About the attack department

“Do you want to strengthen the attack sector? If you want to accumulate it … I need to ensure security on all lines and secure players who can occupy multiple positions. Due to versatility, More choices are possible. Disadvantages of other posts. “

About the situation of Giroud

“Status and hierarchy, they must be separate. Not linked. Status is related to the player’s role, playing or not playing.”

A new plan with Giroud?

“You attach great importance to it … I leave an idea, don’t worry about each other’s roles, we stick to what I told you on Thursday.”

Where should I protect?

“These are because if Saliba was here today, there wasn’t enough space for Pavad. They have a role to play. I don’t know what will happen.”

About Jonathan Clauss

“I’m not here to give a gift. If he’s here, that’s because I think he deserves it. Then the story is good, he’s late to the top level Arrived. Not his delight, he’s done it, but as a stage. He has time to play. The only truth is the truth of the field that took him here.

About the role of Olivier Giroud

“I don’t tell him” you’ll be 30 or 40% “to see how he reacts. I don’t make a special case with Olivier. Players with stats, few are psychologically complex. Players with stats must have an important role to play. “

New question about his competition between Giroud and Benzema

“With a player with stats, it’s hard to live with them without the same stats. It’s not just Olivier, there were other players before. It’s hard for humans to live with.”

On the way back from Olivier Giroud

“The most important thing for me is to be consistent and fair in the conversation with the players. Olivier will join us. He doesn’t have to do more or less. He’s this very successful. It was part of the French team that he wasn’t there either. As I always said, he’s one of the players to choose from. He’s here today. It’s related to Karm Bunemza’s injury. I told him. He will not pay particular attention, he is a member of a group he is familiar with. “

Deshamp in front of journalists at 2:30 pm

The Bruce coach will stand in front of the press in minutes. In particular, the return of Olivier Giroud and the replacement of Pavard with Saliba are expected.

Hope: Lipole should not replace Saliba

Espoiles coaches already have three central defenders and Pierre Kalulu who can play in this position. Therefore, he should not replace William Saliba, who was just called by A.

Saliba was called

The OM Defender was the first to be called by Bruce on behalf of Pavad and was positive to Covid.

See you at 2:30 pm for the Didier Deschamps meeting

Bruce’s coach commented on Pavard’s replacement and Giroud’s return to blue.

Benjaman Pavad will be replaced

Benjamin Pavard will be replaced by the French team to start the rally on Monday. The central defender must be asymptomatic and positive for COVID and remain trapped in the cell until Wednesday. The blue staff couldn’t wait any longer if the French team waited to the very end and discussed possible solutions with Bayern Munich.

Good morning everyone

Go to this live to follow the latest news about the French team in Claire Fontaine this Monday in preparation for two friendly matches against Côte d’Ivoire (March 25) and South Africa (March 29). Welcome.