Follow in the footsteps of Candide Thovex and Edgar Grospiron at La Clusaz Sports Club

La Clusaz, a factory for champions. From Edgar Grospiron to Candide Thovex via Loic Collomb Patton, the champions have continued to develop their field and the world of skiing more generally. Here, the mountains are rooted in their history and their gaze is on the future. La Clusaz has built a unique identity for 10 to 10 years, thanks to its playground and warm welcome. A clever combination of mountain-dwelling art and a connected sliding culture will not make anyone indifferent. La Clusaz energizes a real community that knows how to share and enhance its natural, cultural, architectural and gastronomic heritage. For example, LCZ, a riding community created by LaClusaz. Overall supported by the La Clusaz sports club, which saw the biggest pass.

Champion Training Camp: Le Club des Sports

Founded on January 15, 1931, the La Clusaz Ski Club celebrated its 90th anniversary last year. Today, everyone agrees that La Clusaz will continue to be the formidable reservoir of the French team. There are skiers in all walks of life and in all disciplines, but all are driven by their love for the same mountain and beyond themselves. Some are unstoppable, like Antoine Rachel, who has 20 years of experience in the freestyle sector.

“” At La Clusaz, there is no inequality between disciplines. In some clubs, if you’re not from the Alps, it’s a bit of a war. With us, there is a lot of respect between coaches and athletes in each field. “Slopestyle and Big Air’s French team’s five seasons, Benoit Buratti explains.

Slopestyle and Big Air Europe Cup

In February 2022, the resort hosted the European Slopestyle and Big Air Cup, attracting the best freestyle skiers on the Continental Circuits. The riders stood up with a kick a few meters high and witnessed to send more and more tricks. This event was part of “LCZ FREESTYLE WEEK”. Five days dedicated to freestyle skiing with the cream of current freestyle skiers. An event focused on tomorrow’s young talent, the most amazing skiers of the future with innovative styles. Many nationalities participated. All under the supervision of the resort legend.

LCZ, riding community

Riding is La Clusaz’s way of life. That’s why local riders gather under the LCZ flag to maintain that spirit. Free riders, free stylers, free landers … and everyone who vibrates freely to the rhythm of the slide. Therefore, LCZ is a regular practitioner or amateur who participates in holding ride events throughout the season. It’s also the production of clothing stores, beautiful ski images on social networks, and most of all, movies shot with the people of Arabis.

La Clusaz is also renowned for the quality of its ride quality infrastructure, including the LCZ Park, which hosted the slopestyle stage for this European freestyle ski cup. LCZ, a group of local riders, benefits from an ambitious snow park in La Clusaz throughout the season. LCZ Park provides a fun space for all freestyle enthusiasts! Numerous modules (big air, rails, boxes, etc.) are available throughout the season, allowing crazy skiers to express their creativity thanks to brand new modular rails. The most requested rail types are rail down, rail flat down, pipeline down, box down flat down, rainbow box, canon rail, pool jam, close up and so on.

“” I love riding here because there really is everything! You can ski in “backcountry” mode in the Balme or Etale massifs in the morning and train in many modules of the Snow Park in the afternoon. Incredibly diverse playgrounds! And when I ski in La Clusaz, I’m never alone. My friends always go to the movies and share moments in the mountains. La Clusaz’s freestyle / freeride ski ambassador Ben Bratti explains.

A station with athletes that is likely to become a hot topic in the future.

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