Foot PSG-Pochettino wants PSG to fire him!

Mauricio Pochettino, who has been criticized as well as the club as a whole after Paris Saint-Germain’s defeat in the Champions League, has no intention of resigning as a coach in June. And he promises next season as well.

Mauricio Pochettino, who was hired in January 2021 to replace Thomas Tuchel, knew that. In Paris, he is judged solely by his performance in the Champions League. Last year, PSG took BarΓ§a and then Bayern Munich, but were knocked out to Manchester City in the semi-finals. The last strengthening of the transfer window put a lot of hope on the Capital Club this season, but on the sad Wednesday night of March everything turned into a blunder on the side of Santiago Bernabeu, who opposes the formation of Real Madrid. I know that you can mainly take. For Argentine coaches, especially Mauricio Pochettino has been mentioned for months on the Manchester United side as Ralf Rangnick’s successor, and former Tottenham managers haven’t hidden their interest in this position, so Misa It looks like it’s over. He was already thinking of leaving Paris and returning to the Spurs, so he was looking for a coach.

Pochettino warns PSG, he wants a meeting soon

On paper, things were clear on the 38th nightWhen Mauricio Pochettino says goodbye to France and heads to Old Trafford after the likely title of PSG’s French Championship on the first day of the league. And to succeed him, we clearly announce the arrival of Zinedine Zidane. But the pre-written scenario is about Pochettino’s voluntary departure, at least one year after the contract with Paris and he wanted to let Nasser Al-Kelaifi know what he intended. It got worse in a few hours. To be respected … or to be compensated if he is fired. A few hours before the match in Monaco, a Parisian technician stepped into the plate. “” I haven’t thought about the rest yet. Only Sunday match. First, I’m responsible and I want you to finish the season as much as possible. Then, at the end of the season, see what the club’s decisions will be and what the club wants to build. I feel I can continue with my staff (…) We are in a situation where we have to reconcile with the club and find the best way to help PSG. This includes knowing future visions, thinking projects, and how to implement them. There are several people involved in clubs like PSG, so we need to find common ideas and visions.We have a lot to say to each other with the club “I warned Mauricio Pochettino to let him know that he wasn’t too far away.

In a position that does not influence the possible choices of Paris Saint-Germain’s management, Doha has shown in the past that the financial aspects of coach change were not the type that mattered. To dismiss Laurent Blanc, who had just extended his contract, Emile signed a check for € 20 million, and Thomas Tuchel did not leave in exchange for a bottle of vigil and champagne on the eve of Christmas 2020. did. But Mauricio Pochettino, by thus confirming his desire to extend to Paris if his ideas were allowed to be put into practice, is no longer the case, and the current organization Make it clear that you are failing.