For JDA Dijon’s sports director, “I would say the trap is over.”

What was the most difficult part for your team after winning a big Limoges match in the first of these quarterfinals?

No, that’s a good step, it’s obvious. In the playoffs, we found that each game had its own story. So what was valid on Tuesday and very well done on Tuesday is all questioned after three days, and certainly other players will perform and others will probably be down. Playoff games have so many parameters. It gives us zero. It takes two rounds to win and advance to the semi-finals. But in any case, forget about the match on Tuesday and readjust for the match on Friday.

This time I still have the advantage of being able to play at home. You can be in front of your spectators at home and compete in the semi-finals tonight. So what is the catch?

The trap would say that it has already been done. This is not the idea of ​​a team or staff. We know we played a very good game in Limoges. We also know that all teams lost at home when they advanced to the first quarterfinals. In other words, it’s a series that has been pretty crazy so far. So it’s difficult to win at home. What we want tonight is to verify the ticket, knowing that returning to Limoges in a hot boiling room on Sunday will never be easy. So we are in our room, in front of our audience. Like Tuesday, it is our responsibility to do everything we need to be able to set up our defenses, especially his defenders, which are really important in the playoffs. If you already have it, it will allow us to be in this match and win.

You came back from Limoges on Tuesday night. Did all the players recover long before this second game tonight? Are there any injured absentees?

Not at the moment. I hope there is nothing by tonight. Of course, recovery is very important. We got things done with the medical staff on Wednesday morning and also did cryotherapy work for maximum recovery. So I think that is rather a spiritual aspect. This year we’ll be chaining almost 50 games, but this isn’t one more or one less. At this time of the season, it really comes down to what we want defensively, the ability to focus on what we want in game content and then in the room where we have to bring us nights, who Really play his role as the sixth man. It gives wings. So the recovery aspect, we have placed it, but the spiritual aspect is much more important.

Do you expect a big atmosphere at Dijon’s Palade Sports tonight?

Yes, because I knew how the room would boil when I received Villeur Banne, Limoges, and even Monaco a while back. We know that the rooms are sold out and there are few places available. So it’s an important match and a novel match. We know that at the end of this match, we will return to Limoges or qualify. So I’m not hiding from you that I prefer the second solution.

You were talking about a match against Biller Banne against Monaco. We have the impression that at these great moments, for big teams, JDA knows how to make a difference. Will it be the same tonight?

What you say is true, but especially at home. So before the Limoges match, I couldn’t beat the top eight teams at home. I was able to beat Limoges in the playoffs, so I did it at the best time. On the contrary, in many cases, I managed to win with the top 8 teams. Well, each match has its truth, and it seems more interesting to receive it in our room. And it’s true that we faced big championship players, and we often reacted. I hope it will happen tonight as well.