Former PSG, IT salaryman defender … 5 players following Nice from Versailles

The Coupe de France “Small Thumb” seeks to achieve a new feat in the semi-finals with OGC Nice at 9 pm on Tuesday, February 29th. Players in the Royal City have already won nine games, including a successful success against Toulouse (1-0). Group A leaders in National 2 have large teams and players from different backgrounds.

Maël Durand de Gevigney, the club’s deputy captain and pure product

Mael Durande Vigny, the only player trained in the club of the Versailles team, is a symbol. Arriving at the age of 12, the Central Defender has also been the Deputy Captain since the start of last season. When asked by France’s Blue Paris, he said, “It represents a city, a sector, or even an entire region.“”

As a bystander in his research as a physiotherapist, players are already in the spotlight of League 2 and the National Club. “”We want to keep him. He has his contract expired and will meet him next month.“, Confess President Jean-Luc Alibert.”He is a good representative of our project and is important to the image of the club.“Complete the recruitment manager Michaele l Michée.

Macan Traoré, the professional past

In his full resume, Yvry-sur-Seine’s native is just an example of the ambitious recruitment of the Ile de France club. After passing through the Chateaurou training center, the defender strengthened the PSG Reserve Team (2014-2017) after discovering League 2 in Laval between 2012 and 2014, and several times during training with experts and shoulders. I was able to line up.

Hired by FC Bastia-Borgo in 2018, he helped the club rise in the national and helped the club stay there for the next two seasons. Jean-André Ottaviani, coach of the Corsica Club from 2018 to 2021, was contacted by franceinfo: sport.A versatile defender with excellent left foot, valuable heading games, and real percussion“For a Corsican coach, he is a player.”Very professional“WHO”I know how to motivate my teammates as needed“.

Midfield leader, In the Dialassova

Although he has never attended a training center, the defensive midfielder In the Dialasova has become an integral part of FC Versailles. At the age of 31, this experienced player has been shining since the inception of the Coupe de France. The man who played against Toulouse in the 16th round scored the team’s only goal with Bergerac this quarter.

The defensive midfielder competed in the national championships from 2017 to 2020, playing for Lyon du Cheret and then playing with Macantraole at Bastia Borgio. Jean Andre Ottaviani said, “A player with good mental condition and excellent physique technique (1 minute 93 seconds) “not only”A player who plays simply and is extremely dangerous from set pieces“According to Michael Mika”This is a typical profile of a player slipping through a gap in a professional club“.

Historical goalkeeper Dan Delaunay

Dan Delaunay, the second Versailles goalkeeper in the league after Aly Yirango, is the first amateur to play two Coupe de France semifinals on Tuesday after maintaining a cage in the 2021 GFA Lumily-Barriere epic. Become a goalkeeper. Monaco (5-1).

A big Manuel Neuer fan, the 26-year-old goalkeeper played six games against Kebilly in League Two in 2017. His coach Youssef Chibhi said, “Run away from the light“.”I’m looking forward to making such a player very unobtrusive, but there are people who know how to federate around him.He is always the first on the lawn and the last to clean up the equipment and leave“, We will add coaches to our office from 2014.

Wilfried Joigny, IT Permanent Contract

Arriving in 2019, central defender Wilfried Bony is one of the rare players to combine football and work in the afternoon. When he arrived in Versailles, he signed a part-time CDI for the management company and IT. “”It’s not easy to accept them head-on, but I’m fortunate to have a kind manager who talks a lot more about the game than I do.“The 31-year-old player laughs.

In three years he saidTraining moves from evening to morning, staff expands and equipment improves“. Joigny “The real joy of training” According to Youssef Chibhi. He “Prototype of a player loved by all coaches: An intelligent and discreet boy, but with a personality and the right words at the right time.“”