Founding Day, Minister of Representatives, Assizes, Athletic Meet: Thursday, July 14, 2022 News

Key points of this morning’s New Caledonia news: Jean-François Carenco’s message on NC, criminal imprisonment for killing a teenager in Paita in 2021, a military parade in Noumea on July 14, and then the Champs Elysees Le Children of Caillou, or even the Mont-Dore sports festival.


Warning, strong wind. I’m blowing on the Isle of Pines, Mont d’Or, Noumea and Paita this morning. To the point of leaving yellow alerts to these four municipalities due to a gust of west blow at 55 km / h.

Big parade day in Noumea today. It occurs from 9 am on the side of Victor Street. An opportunity to honor the military, as well as all security and rescue teams in New Caledonia. Obstruction of services in the city center by attention, traffic and buses.
In Boulaille, festivals around the sports hall with the theme of “France in the Pacific”: 4 pm military parade, medal presentation, concert by Pakawa Group, fireworks (lantern distribution will be cancelled).

At Kone, we will dedicate a wreath at 10:30 am, pass through Piazza Poir and parade through the city center.

Then, on Thursday morning, take part in a traditional parade on the Champs Elysees, Paris time. It’s tonight. New Caledonia is represented by some of its children: approximately 50 young people from adaptive military service, members of the Caledonia promotion of prison guards who are the flagship of prison management, or even this student from Polytechnic. Meet Ultra Marine in another article during the rehearsal.

A champs parade that you can follow live at NCla 1ère from 6 pm. As a result, this Thursday’s TV news is exceptionally available for 15 minutes at 5:45 pm.

On the occasion of July 14, Jean-François Carenco emphasized personally speaking to residents of overseas territories. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of France broadcast live on the radio news at 6:30 am. Keyword: “Listen”.

Emmanuel Macron, he speaks French shortly after the Paris parade, around 10 pm for us. The menu includes mods, blame moves, and even Uber files.

Public services are basically closed today on public holidays. Excludes rescue and emergency services. In Noumea, the 5 km funeral center also remains open until 9 pm for service providers and 8 pm for the general public. Sainte-Marie Skate Park is also open. Alternatively, Mosel Municipal Market, until 11:30 am. The same is true for Mont d’Or’s municipal market until noon. On the transport side, Tanéo buses operate on Saturday timetables on some routes and Sunday timetables on others, including Néobus. Click here for details.

In this region, the 51st Pacific Islands Forum ends today in Fiji. Beside this conference, a special summit of the Tercio Pero Group in Melanesia was held yesterday afternoon. It was essentially the issue of passing the president from Papua New Guinea to Vanuatu for three years without a meeting due to the health crisis. Tersiopero was founded in 1988 to support Kanak’s struggle for independence and has evolved into an economic cooperation agreement between its members.

Since Monday, four young men have appeared in the Asize Court for the killing of 15 Thierry, who were killed with a knife in Paita in 2021. The main author was sentenced to 14 years in prison yesterday. The other three defendants will be sentenced to 12 to 17 months in prison for deliberate violence. The Assize court upheld the “minority excuse”.

On Tuesday, the first case of monkeypox was detected in Caledonia. A young man who came back from Europe a few days ago. But health officials want to be relieved. In most cases, the disease remains mild and, according to doctors, there is no epidemic in the area. Symptoms include fever, skin rashes such as blisters, headache, severe malaise, and swollen lymph nodes in the neck. Vaccines are coming soon.

Increasing number of Covid cases in New Caledonia. France remains vigilant, although the situation has improved slightly this week. In parliament, the health bill was adopted by an agent without a significant article on the possibility of returning a health pass for “non-hexagonal” travel. This text was adopted with 221 votes out of 187 votes in the final vote, which took place overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday.

Isee has just released a new report on consumer prices in June 2022. Not surprisingly, consumer prices are rising. However, the pace slowed to + 0.3%, especially thanks to lower energy prices. These developments do not take into account the price controls recently implemented by the government.

For the first time, a child of loyalty was chosen to represent the state of the island state. The official installation of Jules Hmaloko took place yesterday morning at We, Lifou Island.

Today’s Long Shell Festival in the Tiuande Tuo will be postponed to September.

Meanwhile, the Sports Festival has been carrying out countless activities at the Bula Recomplex since 8 am with the theme of the 2024 Olympics and Paralympics in Paris. The program will have a parade of associations at 8:30 am. Family games from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm (onsite registration from 7:30 am); petanque, handball, chess and even judo tournaments. Various initiatives: tennis, weightlifting, archery, horseback riding, table tennis, karate, taekwondo, self-defense, boxing. Esports and video games in the sports hall. Hip-hop at Petit Theater …

Program here (remember that fireworks will be postponed tomorrow).

Sports Again: The Infinity Trail Backyard Phenomenon has arrived in New Caledonia. A new running discipline consisting of running in a circle until exhausted. A 6.7km loop within an hour. 45 runners on the starting line at 8am at the Henry-Milliard Racecourse in Noumea.