Fox boss Votikova’s nightmare continues

The whims of Leonard and Hegerberg’s victory over Paris Saint-Germain, which was too fair: Find the top and flop of the Women’s Champions League semi-finals where OL won against PSG (1-2).


Fox as a good captain

Already scored on the first leg (3-2 with a penalty), the iconic captain of an office lady woman did it again, winning after her victory in Paris this Saturday (2-1) and her qualifications. Was sealed. Lyon’s central defender, with an unstoppable head, confirmed the revenge of the team that fell this quarter after losing against PSG last year. In addition to her save goals, the French national team (129 caps, 32 goals) was also defensive, stopping Marie Antoinette Katoto (4th) and imposing a direct physical challenge. Being vigilant against her friend Kadi Diatou Diani (12th), Martini Quaids continued to dominate her defenses. Definitive in both respects.

Hegelberg, strong head

Ada Hegerberg, who was absent from the scoreboard last Sunday, opened his score this Saturday night to restore the order of things (13).When). The perfect robe header from the perfect cross from Selma Basha to lead the OL to the Champions League final. The Parc des Princes air conditioner, which the Norwegians provoked twice at the celebration, was eventually rejected offside, even if the second goal came out of their minds again. In the game, the 2018 Ballon d’Or was a constant poison to the hinges of Paris, constantly losing its movement and being under pressure to pull it up.

Ada Hegelberg went directly to the noisy Autuille corner after the opener. FRANCK FIFE / AFP

Diani’s awakening

Almost invisible in the first half, despite the dribbling and flashing, Cadidiato Diani rang the PSG alarm clock after a break. If a Paris striker misses the entry frame (47th), she signals herself, especially by raising the ball before it becomes the starting point for Kato’s hopeful leveling during play (61st). rice field. Faced defensively with the distressed Bacha, the swift attacker continued to pose a danger thanks to her swaying dribbling, but the player trained in the club was too alone in a group that was too borrowed.

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Record attendance

As expected, the PSG-OL set a new record for women’s club soccer matches in France. With 43,255 spectators in the Parc des Princes, this poster exploded the previous record of 2019 (30,661 spectators) set in Lyon at the time. And that atmosphere was felt at Porto de Suncloud, where Ultras in Paris never stopped encouraging their disciples, and was sometimes pushed by great encouragement.


Votikova, a nightmare conflict

A complex week in Barbora Votikova. After touring the social network after her mysterious failure on the first leg, the PSG goalkeeper did almost the same thing again by ruining the clearance from the beginning (second). She is not happy with her feet and is not free from her criticisms of her Hegelberg’s goals. For his honor, an impeccable outing at Cascarino’s feet to maintain his chance (25th) before going out injured in half time. The Czech, who promoted number one as a goalkeeper during the season, clearly missed her double conflict.

Phaser is still too soft

Interestingly in the first leg, this time there was no young Jambon-beur. The 18-year-old midfielder, who was still modestly used this season (8 games), was returned to the midfield in Paris to thwart the Lyonnaise athletic midfielder. Only this time, the players trained in the club appeared to be lost on the ground. There she will be far less influential than her partners Gayoro and Dublitz. A total of 15 small balloons collided before going out in half time.

Cascarino, a failure that could have been expensive

The right-winger of the Rhone, a regular dynamite of the Lyon attack, has seen his influence diminish for several weeks. Mallards, especially the club’s top scorer Macario, claim to be themselves, but the French national team (38 caps, 8 goals) is not much different. To make matters worse, she prioritized dribbling over the essential pass for Mallard (25th), preventing the team from sealing her qualifications a bit more. Abandoned in her defense, Votikova successfully intervened to protect her team. With the fewest total number of balls played in Lyon’s attack (19), Cascarino wouldn’t pose any danger in set pieces.