France Team-France: Karim Benzema Determines Olivier Giroud’s Future

Didier Deschamps, who has withdrawn from the Real Madrid and French teams by Karim Benzema, has decided to revive Olivier Giroud for two friendly matches that Bruce will play next week. Something that revives the debate.

Suffering from muscle problems and soul death, Karim Benzema finally gave up playing Classico between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona this Sunday. Played Velodrome in Lille on March 25 and Cote d’Ivoire in South Africa. Minutes after this announcement, the French Football Federation replaced the tricolor group Karim Benzema, who celebrated the tricolor striker by providing assistance to Ismael Benasser for the victory of AC Milan at Cagliari. Soon announced that it was Olivier Giroud. Obviously, the return of the second top scorer in blues history after Thierry Henry, who has not been summoned since the end of the euro, revives the debate. At Europe’s No. 1 mic, Nabil Djellit has a very clear opinion on this issue.

Giroud or Benzema, a real false argument with the French team?

For Requip journalists, it is clear that KB9 will determine Olivier Giroud’s international future, but Olivier Giroud has at least a chance to show that it can be integrated into a well-functioning group without it. “” Karim Benzema was never recalled, he was recalled. From the linguistic elements of Didier Deschamps, you might think it’s over for Olivier Giroud, but at least that’s the way I honestly felt. We know there was a fight with Kylian Mbappe, especially as the coach accused him a little publicly after the euro. If he did not call him back in this situation, he publicly admitted that Olivier Giroud had a problem. And public opinion is pretty good for Olivier Giroud, whether we like it or not. He is a popular boy and has never been fooled by the French team jersey. What’s interesting to know is whether he stays in Bruce forever or is he just called in place of Karim Benzema. Sporty, he’s stronger than ever and scores goals … what if he’s compatible with Benzema? I have doubts, this was not the case during the euro. But it’s good to reintegrate him there and see if things are getting a little better. If he finds a new role and place, it can be a good deal for both parties. However, if there is fried food or tension in the line, or if the connection with Mbappe is not established, let Deschamps think again.But Benzema’s return will determine the future of the French team Giroud “Warns Nabil Djellit

Without returning to the famous F1 and Carting dispute, the fate of the two scorers is often related in recent years. Giroud fans pointed out that France was the world champion with him, and Benzema supporters pulled out KB9. Remember the statistics and the victory in the Nations League. A few months before the World Cup in Qatar, Didier Deschamps had to defend the title Bruce had won in Russia four years ago, while many coaches had to envy him, the royal choice. I still have.