France wants it … Rennes must definitely finish on the League One podium

They did not seem to be much affected by their exclusion of Lester. Minutes after the PSG sank in Monaco, Stade Rennais reminded us of France, the sexiest team in the championship. By giving FC Metz 6 goals (winning 6-1) on Sunday, Bruno Genesio players scored 3 points from the leader in Paris. Watching Renne’s demonstration, PSG has undoubtedly taken the lead at the beginning of the season and not overly threatened by the first team of the season.

Thanks to a great start of the season, this sad PSG maintains a 12-point lead in League One against OM, who has regained second place thanks to his success against Nice. In nine days, the battle for the podium will be fierce. But we’re going to put our feet on the plate. This Rennes team is a French football promotion and must be in the top three. France demands it.

Don’t take social media as a reflection of the country’s ideas. But they are all the same. On Sunday afternoon, Twitter, Instagram, and the company saw a shower of messages from French supporters welcoming the Rennes demonstration. Don’t pick up the Roazhon Park press box, reflecting what the media in this country is thinking about. But they are all the same. Half the time of the meeting, when SRFC was already leading 3-0, the tongue of a local journalist was competing for this super-aggressive champagne football (so to speak, calm down). “How many points are they from Paris?”, We heard in the bay of the stadium. The answer hurts: 13. By passing 6 goals for the third time this season (this stat!), The Bretons are 29. He scored 63 goals in the match and achieved the feat of overtaking Parisians in the League One’s best attack rankings. Forget Embape, Neymar and Messi and give way to Terrier, Labold and Girashi.

In the mixed zone, Rennes’ players couldn’t escape the question. By settling on the podium, Rouge and Noir undoubtedly dream of staying there. But they dare not talk about it. “I won’t tell you if I’ll finish on the podium. It’s too difficult for me to say that. I’m not doing any calculations right now. Our goal is to go as far as we can, but there are still a lot of games out there. It remains. We need to focus on us, “warns Flavien Tait. The midfielder was huge on Sunday and was absent for two and a half months due to an injured adduction. Along with Lovro Majer, Benjamin Bourigeaud and Martin Terrier, he shined and dizzy the overwhelmed Metzins. “We almost close our eyes. We need to maintain this cohesion. We hope the end of the season will come. »»

“6-1, dirty, hurts”

After martyring the office lady, Bruno Genesio also impressed Mets’ bench. “By studying them, I found a complete and generous team. I pay tribute to Genesio’s work. When I was in Lyon, he came up with it,” Frederick Antonetti said. We welcomed our assistant, Benoit Taveno. Before recognizing: “6-1, it’s dirty, it hurts.” At a press conference, a former office lady coach was asked about the “planned path” for second place in the championship. But it didn’t ignite. “Mapped routes don’t exist in football. There are nine games left. We will have a lot of conflicts with our direct competitors. Just a little relaxation can be very expensive. We know, “warned Pep Genesio.

After an international break, Rennes travels to Nice to face direct competitors on the podium. But Breton’s workforce beats regular speech. “The purpose of the club is to be European at the end of the season, after which we will see,” said the double author and hot Martin Terrier, following Wisam Benjeder in the top scorer rankings. I slipped. By the end of the season, Rennes will face Nice, Monaco, Nantes and Strasbourg, receive the penultimate day of Marseille and go to Lille to conclude the season. Benefits for Bretons: Unlike OMs who are still attending the Europa League conference, they only have the championship to play. And in Nice, we are preparing for the Coupe de France final against Nantes.