Francis Xavier Bellamy sponsors Eric Zemmour

The President of the European Parliament’s LR delegation assures that “if there is a second round between Emmanuel Macron and Eric Zemmour tomorrow, I will vote for Eric Zemmour.”

Not support. François-Xavier Bellami would argue this point. The guest of the European 1st morning on Thursday, February 24th, the boss of the French delegation Les Républicains of the European Parliament, “Measurement of the seriousness of what is being performed” Some candidates “People who represent important movements of opinion can prevent themselves from presenting themselves.” In the presidential election due to lack of sponsors. MEP announced in this way “Take his responsibility” By sponsoring Eric Zemmour “Latest candidate for today’s quest”. While calling on other elected officials to imitate him “Avoid the big democratic crisis”..

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Candidates for Reconquista are still missing, according to the latest counts of the Constitutional Council! 150 signatures of officials elected to qualify for the presidential election. If Valérie Pécresse already has a quadruple signature. A situation in which a candidate for LR was convinced that she was more generous in granting sponsorship of elected civil servants from her camp to candidates other than herself.

I was asked the night before on the show set Face BFM Valérie Pécrès has assured Francis Xavier Bellamy of the possibility of sponsorship to Eric Zemmour. “Even if he says his political support was obtained by me, it doesn’t shock me. The sponsor doesn’t support it. On the other hand, if it’s sponsorship and support, we Is outside the Republicans.

He was the former chief of the LR list in the 2019 European Parliament elections this Thursday morning, even if he didn’t say he would continue to be convicted at all times. “Faithfully [l’] Obligatory “.. MEP repeatedly supported Valerie Pécrès and confirmed that he was not. “People who change course in small weeks. Don’t look down on the solidarity formed in difficult battles.”He added in connection with the last European elections.

MEP’s discretion over the last four months in the Pecres campaign, like the media, has not been overlooked in the LR rank. His aides emphasize the monopoly of the Strasbourg parliament, especially during the time of the French president of the European Union.Last September, the elected conservatives sent further praise. “Deserves it” Eric Zemmour “To ask the basic question: the question of the ability to protect those who detain us, those who unite us, those who make us French.”

This Thursday morning, Francis Xavier Bellamy assured that such a convergence of opinions was pushed forward: “If tomorrow there was a second round between Emmanuel Macron and Eric Zemmour, [il] vote[ait] For Eric Zemmour ».. It’s unclear if his candidate Valerie Pécrès is leaning on the same side in such a scenario.

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