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–August 4, 2022

Spring is the beginning of the holiday on Saturday, April 9th. You’ll have the opportunity to play sports, take advantage of beautiful weather conditions, and make lots of discoveries … 389 French sailing schools in all regions of France, in all waters, for the 2022 season. Welcoming guests and enthusiasts and curious, to let them experience a new sensation in the water and outdoors. With family and friends, 1 hull, 2 hulls, wing foils, or windsurfing yacht recreation, sporty, or “slow tourism” tourism … there’s something for all tastes and all ages.

Outdoor activities and “slow tourism” are more prevalent than ever. The focus of the project is to have an exotic and sporting experience in the wonderful outdoors of France. With over 389 French sailing schools, sailing is fun throughout the country’s territory for beginners and experienced enthusiasts. Water sports are essentially an environment-related way of life, from family outings to extreme sports practices. Combining quests elsewhere with modern practices such as returning to oneself, cruises, discovery trails and foil navigation is increasingly fascinating. In 2021, the French sailing school welcomed more than 1 million practitioners, including more than 180,000 trainees of all ages, and 42% of women were particularly attracted to the ever-changing recreational tourist offers. I did.

A new field of foil in the wind

Wing foil is discipline in the wind! Last year, I saw dozens of bodies of water in all bodies of water. These inflatable wings (or wings) that place the surfboard under your feet and hold it with both hands guarantee a thrill … After a few days of learning, neo-riders of all ages have the unique speed of a foil machine. Enjoy a pure glide without noise with a feeling of takeoff. This new activity is in addition to the now timeless practices such as kiteboarding, windsurfing and catamaran flight.

“Slow Tourism” 2022

FF Voile, winner of the “Slow Tourism” project recruitment from the Sustainable Tourism Fund (ADEME), supports clubs that want to provide activities with a particular focus on the concept of slow time, soft mobility and the enhancement of natural heritage. increase. .. The aim is to build an offer that can provide an immersive and comprehensive experience by relying on roaming, discovering natural and local heritage, sailing support to facilitate environmental education and communication, and paddles.

And even now, the main activity that has achieved the success of the French sailing school for 35 years Sea garden:

Infants aged 4 to 7 love this prescription, which has been a huge success for over 35 years. In the program: Ride a boat and discover the first fun and fun game of slides, combining sea discovery and walking fishing, flora and fauna discovery, and manual activities on land. Gain marine and nautical environment, gradual ease of maneuvering and aquatic.

100% Sailing Adult Course:

Aspiring to welcome the whole family, the French sailing school has a course dedicated to adult sailors for several years. FFVoile instructors train thousands of novice adults each year to Level 3, which demonstrates a different approach to children’s courses and the ability to practice independently in monitored voyage areas. With the start of these sailing courses, you will be completely safe in learning the basics of navigation through a variety of media. From dinghys to catamarans to windsurfing, these light sailboats are great machines for fun and quick learning.

Sightseeing offers reinforced with reference labels

For autonomous seafarers, or for those who want to make progress within the framework of personal education, some French sailing schools offer private lessons and equipment rentals through point location offers. I am.

Another offer dedicated to yachtsmen who want to sail completely safely: Pleasure coach will accompany you. These professionals provide personalized and supervised skills on yachtmen’s boats, rentals, or clubs. It provides wise advice for expanding the range of navigation and finding suitable reflexes after the winter period.

Author: Press FF Voile

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