French volunteers join the “International Army” to fight Russia

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How to help Ukrainians? This is a question from many French people who organize drug and food collections. Going further, some have decided to respond to a complaint initiated by President Volodymyr Zelensky on Sunday, February 27, by asking foreigners to join the Ukrainian army.

I can’t say how many there are so far. The Ukrainian embassy in France says it receives a lot of calls from men and women who want to attend the front desk. On Facebook, a “group of French volunteers from Ukraine” has gathered more than 3,100 people and is planning to leave the group by car or van. To be able to join the army upon arrival, you must actually go to the Ukrainian border by your own means. Therefore, everything is organized on social networks.

Protect the country of Ukraine

Many of the candidates are ex-soldiers like Olivier Rengargne, 49, who lived near Le Mans and served in the French army for several years before becoming a tattoo artist. He must arrive by bus from Paris tonight to a military friend waiting for him in Poland and Krakow. This father does not know Ukraine. He has never been to Ukraine and has no special relationship with this country. If he wants to help the Ukrainians, it is ” Protect the country, above all, protect freedom of expression and live as you understand “, He explains to the RFI over the phone.

“” I’m not going there to kill a person “. Olivier Lengagne believes we must grow. Wall Faced with Vladimir Putin, who is actually threatening the whole of Europe. “” In France, the people around me live normally. They go to bars and shop, but there are many who haven’t asked for anything, are dying, or are fleeing the country.Can occur here !!Who is trying to stop this guy if no one does anything ?? This is Ukraine. Then it may be Poland and then another country.If no one says anything, he will continue “Details a former soldier who admits he had been thinking about it for a long time before making his decision. When he learned of it, he had made a great sacrifice since his partner left him. The decision paid. Not enough for him to give up his approach, he judges it. normal “. That’s his way of joining, but Ukrainians between the ages of 18 and 60 cannot leave the country and must join the army.” ” It’s up to the man, not the child, to fight “I will explain my favorite Olivier Rengargne.” Stand up and die rather than lying down like a dog “.

Experienced volunteers, inexperienced others

Other candidates have little or no military experience, but are just as motivated. A 19-year-old unemployed from Burgundy, Tibaud has been in the army for only three months and is about to go out with a driver he met on social networks on Friday. The suffering of Ukrainian children and the image of his family he saw in the news shocked him deeply.Therefore he decided to leave Do what he can. I have never shot a person. I’m a little worried.I think you’ll get there, but it gets complicated “But admit a young man ready to die, but there are limits.” I have prepared mentally for this option. But if they launch an attack with a nuclear bomb, they can’t do anything more, so it’s best to leave. “.

Thibault and Olivier remain unarmed. They put underwear, combat uniforms, walking shoes, lamps, food and water in their bags. The rest, especially weapons and bulletproof vests, depends on the Ukrainian authorities. As part of that, Quai d’Orsay refused to comment on these departures and is pleased to remember that traveling to Ukraine is not strongly recommended for the French.

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