French winner in monal, basketball player on the mat … it was your sport weekend in Ile de France

New sports weekend (excluding football) and new appointments. “Le Parisien” allows you to analyze and decipher the results of major clubs in Ile de France.

Where it should be: Monal smiled at the French

The best swordfighters on the planet have gathered for the Monal Challenge at Pierre de Coubertin Stadium. Since 1938, the Games have offered a very high level of lineup with the best representatives in the world, including Romain Cannone, the individual champion of the Olympic Games this year and the current Frenchman Romain Cannone. .. But he didn’t win. But the winner of the 2022 vintage is the French.

26-year-old Nelson Lopez Plutier (225th in the world) defeated Kazakh Kurbanov in the final (15-11) to win the most prestigious World Cup event of the year. Often during this tournament, the French say. With every touch, every game, I started believing it. I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time, but I couldn’t get out of the 32 tables. It’s surreal. »»

In addition to this highly unexpected victory, the Tricolor clan can also be pleased with the performance of bronze medalist Alexandre Baldene, who took Roman Cannon on the podium. By team, Bruce came in second this Sunday, losing to Hungary 43-36 in the final.

Flop: All basketball players on the mat

A dirty weekend for the three Ile de French residents of BetClic Elite! They all lost. Vincent Colette, the coach of Boulogne Levalois, has fallen due to a reunion with Strasbourg, which he has led for almost a decade (2011-2020). A defeat that remains at the top of the standings but has no major impact on the metropolitans who see Monaco and Asbel return at high speed. Asvel, who discovered an old astroball and did a short job in a Paris basket that collapsed heavily at 107-82. Maintaining the Jambon-beurth remains far from the simple form.

Whip, Nanterre also needs to work on it. His defeat against Le Mans in rooms 88-98 is not good news in terms of playoff qualifying. Nanterre lost to his direct opponent and dropped one place. Pascal Donadue’s team is in 9th place, right behind … Le Mans, the last qualifier so far.


“The last euro was terrible for us. We’re going to the euro this summer with a different mindset.” Leo VilanPSG and French team goalkeeper under the age of 21, winner of the Tiby tournament at Seri (77) against Egypt (33-32):

Number: 5

The messy and clumsy Racing 92 dominated his neighbor Stade Francais (33-22) on Sunday in the European Rugby Cup quarter-finals. The Sky and White club is a 22-9 winner in the first leg and faces the English of Sale, which defeated Bristol in the next round (10-9 defeat in the first leg, 35 in return). -29 victory). This is the fifth consecutive European quarter for racingmen who haven’t missed this conference since the 2016-2017 season. Laurent Travers, who won three derbys in three weeks, will join European roller coasters La Rochel, Montpellier, and defending champion Toulouse.


basketball. Betclic Elite (Day 29). Strathbourg-BOULOGNE-LEVALLOIS87-81; Nanterre-Le Mans 88-98; ASVEL-PARIS107-82.

handball.. Tiby tournament at Celis. Final: France-Egypt 33-32. Women’s Division 1 (Day 22). Paris 92-Fleury 26-19.

volleyball. League A, playdown (Day 3): LEPLESSIS-ROBINSON-Toulouse 2-3.

rugby.European cup (Return of 16 rounds): Racing-Stade Francais 33-22. Nationwide (Day 24): MASSY-Chambury 19-13; Dijon-Sursesnes 20-34.