French XV base camp in Rueil-Malmaison during the 2023 World Cup

World Cup organizers impose rules of fairness to prevent Lebruce from preparing for Markusy. Therefore, they settle in the first stage of competition in the town of Hauts-de-Seine.

We have the right to think that he was enthusiastic and his predecessor did not have this kind of dilemma. Still, the French DG in 2023 imposed his decision. “”Obviously, the French team would have wanted to prepare for Marcoussis. However, he wanted to get rid of all the subjective considerations by putting Bruce in the same preparatory conditions as the other 19 teams. Justify Claude Atcher. Thanks to Fabien Galthié for accepting this rule. Handsome coach.

“I think it’s very good. We are a mobile unit. To be successful, we need to be prepared for unexpected situations, not in a comfortable zone. We train elsewhere. Therefore, before the final tournament, we set up a corps and camp in Carpiagne. Whatever the environment, we can always find the right tempo to prepare ourselves. We have a form of agility. We are happy to lend Marxi to another team. “ Gartier laughs. The identity is not yet known, but the team that should be Tonga …

Therefore, I had to find a fallback solution. This is the competitive base camp you expect from Antoine Dupont and his partners from September 8th to October 28th, the day of the final. Rueil-Malmaison was officially announced this Thursday in front of the mayor (and President of the Grand Paris Metropol du Grand Paris) Patrick Cognos. The base camp is exactly located at Parsdes Bords-de-Seine, right next to the golf course.

“The preparation conditions were ideal and were a priority choice for the French team.” Guaranteed Claude Atcher. In addition to the four rugby pitches on this sports plane once owned by Esso Club, there is also the Mimon Gymnasium with a swimming pool and spa. “I am very happy to be ready here. Check Fabien Galthié. Changing the frame is very interesting. And this is fascinating and fascinating. ” To the point of endangering the prognosis. “And what if it was an ideal place to have never lost a group match in nine editions before the opening match with New Zealand …”

“Great pride, a little simple and fun”

Patrick Orie does not hide his satisfaction either. “Welcome the French team is a great pride, a little naive, full of joy, and a great happiness. We provide him with all the material means to train as much as possible. To do. Great advertising and specific economic impact for this city with 80,000 inhabitants who also live in Bruce. The Renaissance Hotel has been familiar to Paris Saint-Germain soccer players for several years.

In Rueil-Malmaison, tricolor players do not try to isolate themselves. On the contrary, Fabien Galthié says. “We want to be as close as possible to real life. We live more in our corners, it’s no longer a style. In calm times, we walk around the city, I like to mix with society. However, sometimes we train in public. “Collecting, integrating and sharing is the meaning of our commitment. We were able to increase the power and power we feel when playing and moving. They give our team confidence. Be sure to start training and share. I’m not a fan of closed rooms. I’m not hiding anything, including team composition. We share everything, including the media that is our echo. The truth is, it’s very practical. We welcome clubs, children and educators. There are restrictions on management. Opening a training session in Marxi sells out. We are our own success Victim of, but it suits us well … “

Short trip to Lille, long visit to Marseille and Lyon

However, the French XV does not spend all its time at Rueil-Malmaison. It’s been four months from June 25th to October 28th (hopefully everything goes well), the day of the long preparatory course gathering. Stop at Markusy and do a command course with a foreign corps in Guyana. There is also a passageway to Aix-en-Provence in the southeast. Bruce is in Rueil for 4-5 weeks, which is the time for the group stage. After? “We are starting from scratch with base camp designations. Claude Atcher recalls. Rueil-Malmaison is one of eight options, but according to the draw … “ Bruce will also travel during this period. A short trip to Lille, a long visit to Marseille and Lyon, and the three cities where they play. “I like to move two days before kickoff”Fabien Galthié concludes.