From July 1st to 24th, the capital of beach sports, St-Laurent du Var (…)

After the World Wrestling Championships in Lansburg Beach in 2021, the municipality decided to accelerate its reflection in order to make the most of the coastline, which provides the largest beach on the coast of Azul. did. This is why the city of Saint-Laurent-Duvar will be organized in July in close cooperation with the Sports Association and its federations. Beach sports festivall, wrestling, tennis, rugby, volleyball sports federations, international sports and celebration conferences called to partner and register under leadership during the time.

Foot Volleyball will also participate in the Land Rover Nations Cup.

Entry is free during these sporting events.

The world’s best beach sports specialist on the sandy beaches of St-Laurent-Duvar


Beach wrestling

From Friday, July 1st to Saturday, July 2nd

The battle occupies a quarter of the summer at St-Laurent Duvar
In Round 3 of the Beach Wrestling World Series

Cousteau Beach will host Round 3 of the Beach Wrestling World Series. In fact, the first stage of the Sandless Ring World Cup will be held in Alterja, Turkey, the second stage will be held in Sanxenxo, Spain, and then the third stage. This will allow athletes to compete at Cousteau Beach in St-Laurent-Duvar and qualify for the 2023 edition of the World Beach Games in Bali.

Footvolley with the Land Rover Nations Cup and its sponsor Hugo Lloris

Sunday, July 3

Created by the very young Footvolley club Laurentien, this European tournament will compete with pairs from Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal and France.

The 16 players in attendance will have a spectacular and unique show at Cousteau Beach, south of CAP3000®.

Sponsored by Hugo Lloris, the captain of the French football team, the event will be held all day in the heart of the unique central stadium on the Malalpine coast, which can accommodate up to 1,000 spectators from 9 am to 8 pm.

Some highlights will be open to the public. In particular, the All-Star team, which is made up of the personalities of the world of football and is announced to keep the most surprises before the event, will participate.

During the day, raffles will be held with prestigious prizes (soccer uniforms), and all proceeds will be donated to the association Espoir Laurentien, which supports Telethon and carries out numerous activities throughout the year.

This event is the first step in an annual development project in this area through Footvolley Club Laurentien and its president Sylvain Sanchez, in collaboration with the city of Saint-Laurent-Duvar, the capital of beach sports.

Aquathlon, competition “Made in Saint-Laurent-du-Var”

Sunday, July 3

With the support of the Laurentien Triathlon Stadium, this 18th Aquathlon opportunity will bring more than 300 athletes to the beaches of Esplanade de Goe Ellans and Flotz Bruce for this recurring event.

An event that can be enjoyed by men and women of all ages!

Set up match play with beach tennis

From Wednesday, July 6th to Sunday, July 10th

The third sport at Laurencia’s summer facility is beach tennis, the first stage of the beach tennis summer tour. Held for the first time in the world of tennis, this tournament is destined to become the benchmark for this sport in France. Many international players (and former players) will attend. First-class guests are also expected!

Cote d’Azur beach rugby oval ball

From Tuesday, July 12th to Sunday, July 17th

Rugby practice is highlighted in projects that promote action carried out by the territory and the French Rugby Federation. Discovery activities, initiations and high-level competitions will liven up our five-day beach rugby.

This event, which is completely free and open to everyone, will be held in several stages. The first is the entrance ceremony for children and vacationers from July 12th to 13th, then the day in the colors of the historic club at Laurentien Stadium, the flagship of our territory. Opportunity for National Foundation Day on July 14th.

Cote d’Azur Beach Rugby will be held on July 15th. This is an exhibition tournament consisting of more than 15 local, national and international teams. You will have the opportunity to see former Top 14 players, European champions, Olympic medalists and French internationals competing.

Sponsors are Sophian Guitoon and Gael Ficou, international of XV in France.

> From July 12th to 14th, the Commission and Laurentien Rugby Stadium will discover the practice of the youngest activity and animate the space around the tournament setting for partners.

> On July 15th, an exhibition tournament will be offered to highlight rugby activities in the division where the 2023 World Cup is imminent.

> The Youth U18 League Conference will be held on July 15, 16 and 17 to combine discussion and practice time.

French beach volleyball championship final

From Friday 22nd July to Sunday 24th July

This intense beach sports month ends with a high rating in the finals of the French Beach Volleyball Championship. They will see 64 of the best French players competing and rewarding the winners of the French beach volleyball champion title.

and again….

-July 5 – Concert Jeremy Frelot

-July 8 – Show Michel Boujenah

Online tickets available here

Cover Photo: Saint-Laurent-Duvar Mayor Joseph Segura and his sports assistant Jill Arari have welcomed the President of the All-Union of Rugby, Tennis and Volleyball to Novotel in St-Laurent-Duvar. Wrestling: Bernard Laporte, Jean-Claude Bousteau (representing Gilles Moretton), Eric Tanguy, Lionel Lacaze, and Sylvain Sanchez, President of the FootVolley Club Laurentin Association, attended the sports festival at the beach press conference. © SLV