From Putin’s iconic stop to the Russian boycott, the sports world is stepping up its reaction.

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on the night of February 23 (Wednesday) to February 24 (Thursday), the sports world has refused to be satisfied with the role of the spectators. Soccer, Formula 1 and even biathlon, the majority of sports authorities responded by deciding to cancel the competition planned in Russia or refusing to play against the Russian team. ..

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The last reaction so far is very symbolic. On Sunday, February 27, the International Judo Federation withdrew the title of Honorary Chairman and Ambassador, one of the highest ranked in the sport, from Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, Black Belt, 8th Dan. ..

On the first day of Russia’s war, F1 got in shape by canceling the Grand Prix scheduled for September 25 in Sochi. The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) has moved its prestigious Champions League final from St. Petersburg to the Stade de France, Stade de France (May 28).

Read again: The Champions League final will take place in the Stade de France, not in St. Petersburg.

On Saturday, the Polish Football Association took the lead, although it was one of the few that the Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA) has not yet spoken. The national team, who was to go to Moscow on March 24 in the semi-finals of the 2022 World Cup qualifying playoffs, will not travel. “It’s time to talk enough and act. (…) Regarding Russia’s invasion in Ukraine, the Polish team has no plans to play off match with the Russian team. “, Confirmed Federal President Tsezarie Cressa.Information specified in world By Yakubu Kwiatkowski, spokesman for this federation: “We don’t want to play against Russia, either in a neutral position or in Russia. »»

The Swedish-Czech federation, which may face the winners of the Polish-Russian match in the playoff finals, has already stated that it has refused to meet Russian football players.

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Olympic boycott

Breaking away from its traditional neutrality, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has encouraged the International Sports Federation to cancel or relocate sporting events held in Russia or Moscow’s ally Belarus. The IOC also believes that these two countries violate the Olympic truce and demands that they not raise the Russian or Belarus flag during international sporting events and that they do not play the national anthems of these two countries. did.

A few days after the closing of the Beijing Olympics, the International Biathlon Union (IBU) announced itself in this direction on Saturday. Formidable Russian biathlons can only be lined up during international calendar events under a neutral flag.

And so far (August 26th-September 11th), like volleyball, which maintains the upcoming World Championships in Russia, when the League of Nations becomes clear to be timid, a national initiative Takes over. The French Federation, the Olympic champion held in Tokyo in 2021, has confirmed that it will not participate in the tournament unless it relocates.

If the International Amateur Boxing Federation participating in the Olympics has not yet determined the fate of one of Russia’s upcoming competitions, the Global Boxing Cup (June), various major professional boxing federations oppose it. Did. An organization of championships in Russian territory. “When the world wanted a ceasefire, our organization decided not to allow the championship in Russia.”IBF, WBC, WBA, WBO said in concert.

Some voices go one step further than simple cancellations and relocations and demand a boycott of Russian athletes, clubs, or national teams.

Read again “Russia’s sports side lining can extend to the elimination of its national team.”

The Swedish government is in favor of completely eliminating Russia from all sports competitions by the European Union countries. The Norwegian Ski Association has announced that it has refused to welcome Russian skiers in the next round of the World Cup, which must be held when the Netherlands refuses to play basketball players. Russia participated in the World Cup qualifying match.

Mobilization of Ukrainian athletes

This boycott movement also affects Belarusian athletes. British Home Secretary Priti Patel has canceled the Belarusian team’s basketball player’s visa, which was scheduled to face Britain on Saturday in the World Cup qualifying match. In the face of these initiatives, the International Basketball Federation has decided to postpone these games.

In France, Nantes Handball Club will not meet Moscow Club Chekhovsky Medvedy at the European Championship on Tuesday 1er march. “We cannot compromise on our values, so even if we realize that Russian players are not responsible for this, as long as Russia is engaged in the process of war and aggression against Ukraine. Situations where I don’t want to welcome Chekhovskie Medvedi. Gael Peltier, president of Nantes, explained.

On their side, Ukrainian athletes are experiencing a tragic situation. People who evolve abroad are returned to the role of a helpless audience. Manchester City soccer player Oleksandr Zinchenko wept before the club and Everton played in the Premier League on Saturday. On Thursday, some Ukrainian basketball players displayed a marker-marked “no war” message on their cheeks during their defeat in Spain.

Others have announced their mobilization. This is the case for the Ukrainian biathlon team, most of whom are in the military, as are many international biathlon players. 2019 World Champion Dmytro Pidruchnyi said on a phone call on his social media for his teammates: “My team and I will stay in Ukraine to protect our homes and families from the Russian troops that invaded Ukraine on February 24.”, He launched. Informed that the Ukrainian team has withdrawn for the rest of the season, IBU will raise the Ukrainian flag at the next event. To honor the Ukrainian team. “

Tennis player Sergiy Stakhovsky (formerly n) who retired from the beginning of the yearOh 31 worldwide) for his part expressed in the message Video posted on social mediaHis desire to respond to the call for mobilization as a reserve.