Frustration, OM will not be resurrected-A brief description and notes of the players (Trois 1-1 Marseille)-Soccer

Olympique de Marseille, with Troyes (1-1) participating this Sunday, lost two points and chained the second match without winning League One.


Payette started scoring from the penalty spot.

A frustrating night for Olympique de Marseille. The long-leading Marseille club added Troyes (1-1) to the score in the 90th minute on Sunday, the 26th day of League One.

OM, who hadn’t been realistically brilliant for a long time, was unable to recover a week after his surprising defeat at Stud Vrodrome against another promoted Clermon (0-2).

Payet leads OM

Jorge Sampaoli’s men controlled with the ball in between, but couldn’t destabilize the opponent’s block well. As a result, Promote retaliated and approached the opposite surface, like this free kick from Tardieu, who was forced to intervene in Lopez. The match was swayed by a bald rat tackle on Guendouzi’s ankle and was logically punished with a penalty converted by Paiette (0-1, 28th).

Marseille misses a break

Since then, the Phoenicians have unfolded, and Kamala, whose shots were deflected by gallons, and Bold, who passed the CSC in opposition to the shots from Guendouzi, again pose a danger. Gallon then had to stay alert to the box with a dangerous free kick from Paiette. 2-0 wasn’t too far away, but ESTAC didn’t give up and continued to intimidate, like Lopez’s winning showdown in front of Bold before the break.

Troyes breaks leveling

Bruno Irles’ men, despite their final status, were unfit for the match and returned vigorously from the locker room, but Bold lacked accuracy in front of the goal and Lopez postponed Kuam’s recovery. .. Visitors were also in a situation, and after a while the match gave the impression that they could switch from one to the other, eventually benefiting ESTAC, who stole the equalizer thanks to the incoming Touzghar. (1-1, 90th). Despite Gueye’s last chance of a shot escaping the target, OM was hooked and remained in second place, slightly ahead of Nice, but promoted out of the red zone to 17th. It went up to.

Match score: 6/10

At Stade de l’Aube on the 31st, I mainly listened to the songs of Marseille supporters. Three days after playing Karabuff in the Europa Conference League (3-0), OM didn’t produce a great game in the game, showing a messy and unstimulated look, but a vibrant and balanced game. saw. The team has taken a blow to this extreme leveling.


-At the right edge of the surface, Bold tackles Gendouzi’s ankle in front of the ball. penalty! Payette transforms it from the right side (0-1, 28th) to the upper right corner of the gallon.

-After a one-on-two with Kuam on the left, Kon tears and crosses himself. Touzghar stands up on all axes in the area and throws point blanks (1-1, 90th) to defeat Lopez.

Player notes

Maxifoot assigned each player a score (out of 10) comment.

Best player: Rominigue Kouam (7/10)

The midfielder is doing an impressive job at the box-to-box register. The Trojan was worth scratching a balloon in front of his surface and was also hurt in his projection.If Lopez checks his recovery, Mali will be rewarded with the penultimate pass of the equalizing goal, replaced by 90 minutes + 2 minutes. Xavier Chavalerin (not so)..

Troyes :

Gauthier Gallon (5.5): A Trojan horse goalkeeper beaten from a penalty spot responded to Kamala’s shot and Payet’s free kick in the first period.

Issa Kabor (5.5): The right piston provided an interesting activity in his lane and increased the center. It would be interesting if Burkina Faso could do better with percussion instruments.

Yoann Salmier (5): The central defender had the opportunity to score, but it didn’t make sense. Defensively not the most prominent of his team.

Adil Rami (6): In contrast to his previous club, the central defender reached out to Luis Enrique’s feet and really reacted to prevent OM from taking a break at the hour mark. Did. He was unable to play his game, although he was afraid that his yellow card might have been badly received for protest before the precious break.

Erik Palmer-Brown (5.5): A pretty interesting match for the central defender who didn’t give up the duel and closed the door tightly. Replace 77 minutes with: Yoann Touzghar (not)The author of a brave goal.

Abdu Cont (5.5): The left piston was very noticeable at the start of the game and had a presence with Marseille that bothered the painful batter climb, even if it gradually declined during the game. Replace 59 minutes with: Youssouf Kon (not so)The definitive passerby for equalizing goals.

Rominigue Kouame (7): Read the comments above.

Florian Tardieu (6): What’s interesting about his setpiece and play orientation is that the midfielder suffered more defensively and had some slow faults.

Tristan Dingom (5.5): As a result, the aggressive midfielder was happy with his technique and skills on the pass and hurt OM’s defense, but was inconsistent during the match.

Mame Bald (3): Bissau-Guinen, creator of faults in the vital zone, causes a penalty that puts pressure on the team due to aggressive tackles. The author of good moves, he lacked precision in the finish and messed up the ball, especially from 1-1, after returning from the locker room. Replace 77 minutes with: Giulian Biancorn (not so)..

Ike Ugbo (4): It’s harder to get than comprehension, so attackers have the greatest chance of missing a frame in their head. Replace 58 minutes with: Lebo Mothiba (not so)..

Marseille :

Pau Lpez (6): Hit at close range with an opponent’s goal, the goalkeeper gave Tardieu a free kick in the first period, after which Kouam recovered. The Spaniard stands out above all at his decisive exit before baldness before the break.

Valentin Rongier (4): A complex match on the right, far from showing usual activity and generosity. Due to the difficulty of the duel, the former Nantes player was one of the first players, which is not a coincidence. Replace 57 minutes with: Pol Lirola (not so)Looks aggressive at once, but is erased by the equalizing target.

William Saliba (4.5): Not very sharp at the moment, but the central defender has committed some extraordinary tycoons. Players rented from Arsenal especially missed Salmier’s header intervention, then missed the bold breakthrough and were driven into the goal.

Duje Caleta-Car (5.5): Croats will be OM’s most trusted defender tonight. Contributed to many centers of Kabor, Marseille exactly removed some hot balloons. On the other hand, he lacks responsiveness to Touzghar at the goal, without his sole responsibility involved.

Luang Perez (5): An image of missing a pass that benefits baldness and forces Ronier to foul. The match started badly and the tendency to retreat and defend still plagued supporters. The team was relieved that the defender on the left closed the lane in the same way and made some interventions. Replace 89 minutes with: Sead Kolasinac (not so)..

Mattéo Guendouzi (6): The midfielder, still present in his gift, has long embodied OM’s only detonator. Former Gunner has been hit with many fouls, and it is no coincidence that he is penalized. The second half will be a little hard to see.

Boubacar Kamara (6): Even in games where the OM didn’t shine aggressively, the defensive midfielder did a lot of work to recover, and the kids regularly made up for the mistakes of their teammates who had accumulated ball losses. rice field. His image of returning to the baldness in the precious, hour-marked area, but he may have been able to cut Con’s deadly cross, which qualifies his record.

Gerson (5): At a low time, the midfielder played a fairly neutral match. The Brazilian wasn’t great and didn’t take a lot of risk, but he manages some throws and not all of his teammates can say the same …

Cengiz nder (4): Good night, the Turks made a disappointing copy, and never seemed to be able to pose a danger or make a difference. Create all the same keypaths for Guendouzi’s penalty actions. Replace 87 minutes with: Pope Gueye (not)The person who missed the ball 2-1 at the last moment.

Dimitri Payette (6): OM Captain, the scorer from the penalty spot, had a lot of freedom of movement and was again in the fake 9th position. The impact on the game during the first period was so small that Lunionese raised the notch when returning from the locker room and showed a lot of desire, but Pass did not break the opposite line. Replace 78 minutes with: Arkadiusz Milik (not so)..

Cheikh Dieng (3.5): The Senegalese who were aligned as offensive midfielders on the left side had to do so. CAN’s recent winners have completely disappeared from the radar, even if he worked in a defensive withdrawal after a good start to the match he showed his nose. Replace 57 minutes with: Luis Enrique (not so)The author of the impressive entry.

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Troyes 1-1 Marseille (Middle: 0-1) -France-League Day 1/26
Stadium: Stade de l’Aube in Troyes-Referee: Francois Letexier in France

Goal : TROYES Y. Touzghar (90th)-MARSEILLE D. Payet (28th, Pen)
caveat : Bald (27th), A. Ramie (36th), F. Tardieu (36th), Abdu Conte (49th), G. Biancorn (90 + 6th)For Troyes- V. Longer (11th), D. Paiette (55th), Paul Pess (86th)In the case of Marseille

Troyes : G. Gallon ―――― Y. Salmier, A. Ramie, E. Palmer Brown (Y. Touzghar, 77th) ―――― I. Kabor, Abdu Cont (Y. Kon, 59th) ―――― R. N’Guessan (X. Chavalerin, 90 + 2nd place), T.Dingom ―――― F. Tardieu ―――― I. Ugubo (L. Motiva, 58th), Bald (G. Biancorn, 77th)

Marseille : Paul Rupes ―――― W. Saliba, D. Carreta-Car ―――― V. Longer (Pol Lirola, 57th), Luang Perez (S. Kolasinatsu, 89th) ―――― Guendouzi, B. Kamala, Gerson ―――― C. nder (P. Gueye, 87th), D. Payette (A. Milik, 78th), C. Dien (Luis Enrique, 57th)

Video: When Lami plays Guendouzi’s ankles and relatives

The evening started well for Marseille …

However, Touzghar stole the equalizer (1-1, 90th).