Fuel Price: Pecres wants Macron to return all the money from the increase

Fuel Prices-While Emmanuel Macron has repeatedly accused him of “burning the cash register” during his five-year term, Valerie Pécrès now or at the same time accuses him of having too much tax revenue due to rising fuel prices. I am. For the four months from April 1st to July 31st, a 15 cent rebate is promised and will be fully redistributed to France.

“I believe there is a clear need to mitigate retaliation against Russia and its impact on the French people,” said LR, starting with giving the government a good point with the “tariff shield” measures. I explained on Sunday, 20th of March. “And its” resilience plan “, but in the process, blame it for” not refunding all the surplus tax collected due to rising prices. “

“Money that goes into financial resources unfairly”

“The surplus is said to be 25 cents per liter of fuel, but only 15 cents are returned, so I don’t know why not return the full amount (…) It’s not normal for the state to make it due to rising prices. “Profit”, she developed in a set of Political Sunday In France 3, he hammers, “I have to unfairly return the money that goes into the safe.”

The proceedings were nothing new to opponent Marine Le Pen and former parliamentary LR candidate Xavier Bertrand, and accused Bercy of taking advantage of the storm associated with soaring energy prices for several months already.

However, during the announcement of Jean Castex on Saturday, March 13, Valerie Pécrès decided that he was another presidential candidate, saying, “April 1 is 10 days ago, so the government’s” string “is” a little “. I decided that it was big, and proceeded with another angle of attack. Elections “.” The state is returning money from gas hikes. That’s what I asked for. The only question I ask myself is why on April 1st, the French were stuck anymore. Why isn’t it now? “She said. Europe 1 / Cnews / Les Echos, this may seem paradoxical to her new remarks.

As part of that, the government is increasing its declarations to protect itself against it. The pump’s rebate alone will cost the state “about € 2 billion in the first half of 2022, and if prices stay at this level, fuel tax revenues will increase by less than € 2 billion,” Jean Castex said many times. Insisted. recently.

“It’s obviously the opposite.”

He also said on Wednesday, March 16th, during a presentation of additional aid measures for truck drivers, fishermen, or farmers, “the country behind France was not enriching itself.” “I can’t say the state is filling that pocket. That’s clearly the opposite,” he guarantees, and the public sector has “donated a total of € 20 billion since October to protect the purchasing power of French people.” I did. “

So who is right? And what are you based on? It all depends on what you are looking at, so do your best there. Of course, the amount of state tax (equivalent to almost 60% of the final bill) increases at the same time as the price of the service station. This is very easy to understand as the VAT charged will be applied as a percentage at checkout.

But to know if finances will benefit from it, you need to take into account not only taking out the calculator, adding and subtracting, but also taking into account that Bercy has been taxing certain parts of fuel since 2018. ..To that end, the Data Union Petroleum Industry (UFIP) collected by the French can give the final total, like a colleague in the newspaper. echo Or of cross I did it in front of us.

Let’s take a look at two major fuel taxes, VAT and TICPE. Looking at the 20% VAT, one liter of gasoline for 2 euros would allow the state to put 40 cents per liter in its pocket, while the 2018 or 2019 price is 1.50 euros for 30 cents. Therefore, this is equivalent to a dime profit. Per liter of Bercy. Lower than the rebate promised by the Castex government.

However, this first tax blow requires the addition of a domestic sales tax (TICPE) receipt for energy products, which is determined annually and voted within the framework of budget debate in Parliament. It is currently set at 59.40 euro cents per liter of diesel and 66.29 cents for SP-95 gasoline. It has not benefited from the latest price increases as it has been fixed since 2018 and the Yellow Vest crisis has occurred. According to Bercy, by 2022, all of its revenues should reach € 18.4 billion as well.

Therefore, cumulatively, the state expects revenue from fuel sales to increase, especially if France and businesses have consumed more than if prices have risen since the economic recovery.

In addition, the Castex government can argue that the 15-cent rebate is not the only boost given to the French. Or energy check. Also, the mileage allowance has increased. He also promised hundreds of millions of euros in envelopes to several sectors such as truck drivers and farmers.

In addition, the French budget adapts to their spending items. Bercy also claims that “the increase in fuel-related VAT is offset by the decline in revenue from other purchases.” That said, there are still suggestions for candidates other than Valerie Pécrès on increasing taxation on the profits of major oil groups, reducing or stopping VAT or TCIPE, or maximizing the fixed price of pumps, but that’s another argument. Especially about public debt.

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