Full-scale sports life at Jeanne-Mance School

Sports. When it comes time to move, Jeanne Mans High School students have several options in front of them.

Until recently, extracurricular sports consisted of several volleyball teams at Jeanne Mans School. Over the past year, the Panthers program has grown to 19 teams in nine sports. Among the new areas offered to students are flag football, rugby and team discus (Ultimate Frisbee), Athletics, cross country, basketball, badminton, ice hockey.

Today, about 175 student athletes from Secondary 1 to 5 are evolving within the Quebec Student Sports Network (RSEQ) in the Eastern Township section.

“Jeanne Mans is not considered a sports school compared to Marie Rivie and College Saint Bernard, who have some sports research programs and sports concentration, but we offer more extracurricular sports. Drummondville High School, “said Delphine Desroches, the school’s sports manager.

Delphine Desloche, who arrived at the post last September, encourages some sports practice in the Panther.

Approximately 175 student athletes represent the Panthère of Jeanne Mans School. (Photo courtesy)

“For example, some girls belong to the flag football team in the fall, the basketball team in the winter, and the ultimate Frisbee team in the spring. Everyone is the same. Therefore, unlike the sports discipline. , Our athletes can grow throughout the school year. “

Jeanne-Mance School does not benefit from external sports facilities, so you can rely on loans from La Poudrière School and Marie-Rivier School.

“Our school has two gymnasiums, but only one regulation scale. In comparison, Marie Rivie School has three gymnasiums with regulatory aspects. For ice hockey, in the school playground. Despite the lack of an arena, we manage to offer it. Needless to say, we have a very shortage of sports facilities, but Jeanne Mans students have the opportunity to practice a wide range of sports, so I We must not trust the appearance of the school, “says Delphine Desroches.

Jeanne Mans’ hockey team under the age of 18 reached the playoff semi-finals, while Panther’s youth men’s basketball team won the silver medal in the division’s final, admitting defeat.

“At Panther, it’s not the results that matter, but the joy of learning, friendship, team spirit, mutual aid, and sports. That’s why the majority of our teams play in Division 4,” said Delphine Desroches. increase.

Each month, two Panther athletes are praised for their rigor in performance, leadership, or training. “From now on, I want to create a sense of belonging by advertising a lot on Facebook pages, wearing Panther clothes, and encouraging students from other schools to be present in home games. ..

Finally, Delphine Desroches thanked the school management and educational staff for their support, understanding and encouragement for student athletes.

“Jeanne Mans is known as an open-minded and inclusive school. This is also felt at the level of sports life. Physical education teachers also help a lot. We are 25 people of all ages. And, often overlooked, there are scorers who are essential to school sports. Finally, we have athletes who are enthusiastic and involved. ” (JH)