Gartier (Nice) pays for arbitration, Newcastle still wants Equitike, Benzema dreams of L1 revelation

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RC Strasbourg – OGC Nice: Gartierrell Against Arbitration

Christophe Galtier, who attended the press conference at the end of Strathbourg – Nice (0-0), was very angry with the two exclusions from the referee and Jim. For him, the fourth referee “decided to make the bench atmosphere a little unhealthy,” so he added fuel to the fire. “I don’t understand Kluivert’s exclusion. I heard he was accused of obscene gestures. That’s a mistake and a lie. It’s possible that he was able to challenge the foul without whistling. , There is a difference between challenging and obscene gestures. (…) I’m angry because the bright red of the bench has important consequences. There was controversy, but the obscene gestures and the lack of words There wasn’t. This red card, I think it’s unreasonable. In my opinion, more education is needed at this point in the match against players who are already out. Regarding Dante, he I made three mistakes. A yellow card may have come out in the 33rd minute. The second yellow card was a compensation card due to the great pressure on the referee’s body during the half-time.

… And Stephan pays homage to his people’s great games

Julian Stephan was quite happy with his men, despite the draw (0-0). “The face was the same from start to finish and was super-dominant in Strasbourg. We started very strongly, controlled the ball, controlled the game and made a chance in the first half, but after the exclusion even more. It got worse. I had a chance to score and had a great Benitez. Sometimes I didn’t aim or make the right final gesture. I’m proud of these players, this team, their evolution and progress. I’m thinking. “

AS Monaco: Cesc Fabregas soon returned to L1

Cesc Fabregas, a victim of recurring muscle problems on the flanks since August, should soon return to the field of AS Monaco. Proof that this comeback is near: Requip reports that the Spaniards played in the reserve for 75 minutes in the middle of the week during amicable opposition to the Brentford Reserve (2-1). Myron Boadu and Benoit Badia Seal returns will be officially made next week (or next week).

AS Monaco: Changes at Training Center

Regarding the organizational chart, Paul Mitchell continues to reorganize the Prince Club. In fact, as RMC Sport reports, Bertrand Reuzeau (formerly ASSE and PSG) has been dismissed from his position as director of the training center and replaced by Pascal de Maesschalck, a close friend of the British sports director.

Was the SCO Angers season squeezed by the end of the contract?

If the SCO is experiencing a rather cruel end to the state of grace of Gerald Baticle, one of the reasons for the difficulties of the Maine-et-Loire Club may be in managing individual cases. Indeed, due to its financial difficulties, Angers have not settled the end of the contract file, and according to L’Equipe, it puts a heavy burden on people’s minds.

With 12 free players (including Traore, Thomas, Manso, Manzini and Capelle) on June 30th, SCO Angers will not help you move forward quietly. Originally scheduled for March, discussions can be postponed to get maintenance. “I don’t feel anything from the players about it,” Baticle wiped out. But anonymous insider sources say the opposite.

MHSC: Wahi drives Thierry Henry out of the precocious podium

Erie Wahi (MHSC, 19, 19), the creator of the season’s seven goals against Stade Rennais (4-2 defeat), is not only Europe’s top scorer among players born after 2003. In fact, former Khan, who won his 50th L1 cap in a match against the Bretons, also made it to the podium of the youngest player, reaching a 10-goal bar in L1. Kylian Mbappe (18 years 75 days) and Usmanu Denvere (18 years 308 days) just preceded Wahi (19 years 54 days) through a specific … Thierry Henry (19 years 70 days) did.

Stade Brestois: Satriano is a big fan of Benzema …

A wonderful surprise of winter Mercato at Stade Brestois, Martin Satoriano confirms the promise interviewed in Italy. Indeed, the striker rented from Inter Milan has already shown his effectiveness and replaced Stephen Mounier in the attack. In Requip’s column, the person introduced as Zlatan Ibrahimovic in Uruguay on a powerful ball strike mentions his model … and he is French. “I’ve loved Karim Benzema for years. Because Benzema is a unique player, anyone who knows football loves Benzema. All attackers play like him and pick up the ball. , You can’t direct a team to play while scoring one or two goals per game, “he slipped.

Newcastle confirms interest in Equitique (Lance)

Amanda Staveley, Newcastle’s general manager, confirmed in an athletic column that the magpie brought good luck to Stade de Reims’ next revelation, Hugo Equitike (19). Europe, America, anywhere. (Hugo) There were some young players we wanted to bring in, like Ekitike, but he wasn’t a player today, but an investment in the future. The champagne striker that hit in the last game has been on the side for a month.

February 27 Melting Club

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