GBC 12: Badminton player applause at the end of the season

GBC 12 players gathered at the Maison de Sports (next to Henry Lagarde Stadium) at the end of June for the club’s traditional general meeting. President Aurora Philola said a total of 94 licensees (47 young people, including newcomers and 47 adults) were down slightly from the previous season (6 less licensees), but still encouraging, overall. Talked about the successful year.Depends on health “.

Young people (including “mini buddies”) who meet twice a week at the Tricot Gymnasium on Wednesday and Saturday were able to use the entire room to experience their passion in the middle of the week. The basketball club certainly has slots available for badminton players, thank you. The president took this opportunity toGood understanding to reign “Among all sports associations that frequently visit the gymnasium, volunteer coaches who invested themselves throughout the season (Nicholas Ferris Criblack, Maxim Delcamp, Thomas Rejeune, andSpanking “Aurore also appeals to all well-meaning people who want to come and reach out during training and competitions …

On the competitive side, if the adults didn’t shine in the inter-club (but the atmosphere was there …), the young people raised the club’s color in the wake of Anael Sabatier, who regained the podium. Some are happy to represent the division at a regional convention. “Club succession “, The next few years are good signs.

The youth tournament in Villefranche in March was as successful as expected, thanks in part to the strong mobilization of Villefranche. For the next season, the club will now offer another youth tournament in doubles.

The slight downside is the cancellation of the adult tournament scheduled for January last year due to a shortage of participants. Disappointment for club members who want it to be just a setback …

See you in September on the premises

To celebrate the end of the year of the sport, the club proposed a cheerful (and grateful) day in the park of the Loc Dieu monastery 10 days ago.

Next season, GBC 12 wants new players, young and old alike, to join in to maintain this amazing dynamics as the club is second in the category in terms of licensees. “”They are very popular. ” The president, who had the opportunity to remind the former players, continued,What you have to turn around during training “Therefore, I don’t always play with the same person … the message went through … and I heard.

Finally, club members are in the storage room, or at least “Better space optimization “To store equipment, etc. Club members and elected Olesya Bouquié attending the night will relay this request to the city team. From now on, have a good vacation for badminton players. Next year. September…

> Please note that Pass’Sports Day must be held on September 3rd, one week before the Association Forum scheduled for September 10th.

> There are some changes to be aware of regarding the election of officers. If Aurora Philola is still the club president, she will be assisted by Thomas Rejeune. In her role as secretary, Lucy Hubert will replace Sarah Feri Scriblack and Florian Biags will be the club’s new accountant.