Germany in a historical rendezvous

“World” editorial. His first few weeks at the German president raised a question that even became a hashtag for social networks. Despite Russia’s increasingly threatening attitude, the new German Chancellor, who has been in power since December 8, 2021, says what he did for the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in the event of an attack on Ukraine. For weapons delivery, which refused to explicitly state whether to secure fate and refused to accept Kyiv’s persistent demands. In a particular European capital, and far away from Washington, to the point where questions about Germany’s “credibility” of its allies have been resolved.

This suspicion no longer exists. On Tuesday, February 22, within 24 hours of Vladimir Putin’s approval of the Separatist Republic of eastern Ukraine, Olav Schorz announced the closure of Nord Stream 2. Green light for arms delivery to Ukraine. And the next day, before Congress, he gave a historic speech saying that Germany would increase military spending by more than 2% of GDP (compared to today’s 1.5%) and above the minimum NATO set. Announced. ..

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The impact of these decisions is considerable. A few days later, Germany left the comfort zone since the end of World War II, the comfort zone of the economic giant associated with the geopolitical dwarf. “It’s clear that we have to invest more in the security of our country.”Declared Olaf Scholz in front of Congress on Sunday. “Today, Germany is breaking away from certain forms of restraint in diplomatic and security policy. As the world changes, so does our politics.Declared his Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock as part of him.

take responsbility on

We must welcome this turn. At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Angela Merkel had to be pleased with the decision made, so for adoption in July 2020, at the expense of Germany’s common debt taboo, Europe alongside France. You have selected solidarity. Recovery plan.

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In both cases, it’s a pity that Germany took too long to plunge. But the important thing is that at the crucial moment it is in the historical rendezvous. It is today by taking on the responsibilities given by all the weights of its history, as well as its status as the continent’s major economic power, as in 2020.

From this perspective, people like Jean-Luc Melenchon, who have been worried about the dangers of Germany’s “rearming” from Sunday, are seriously misunderstood. The turn Berlin took is not a nationalist turn, but a European turn. “The challenge is to strengthen the sovereignty of the European Union. For Germany and other EU countries, not only ask what this can be achieved for their own country in Brussels, but also what is best for the EU. Means »Olaf Scholz said.

Germany has been often criticized in recent years, especially in France, for being indifferent to the geopolitical upheaval of the early 21st century and acting like a “great Switzerland”.When century. She breaks this reluctantly today. Congratulations.

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