Germany revolutionizes in the face of Russia’s threat

Olaf Scholz confirms the dispatch of 1000 rocket launchers to Ukraine “as soon as possible” …

Olav Schortz has confirmed the “as soon as possible” dispatch of 1000 rocket launchers, 500 surface-to-air missiles, 14 armored vehicles and howitzers to Ukraine. At the same time, modernization of the German army becomes a priority. The Bundeswehr will benefit from a special fund of € 100 billion this year, in addition to the planned € 50 billion. After 2024, Germany promises to spend more than 2% of its GDP on defense. This is a measure required by the United States, but it is constantly being pushed back. Therefore, Germany’s defense budget should increase by 40%.

“Protect our freedom”

“We must invest more in national security to protect freedom and democracy,” Olaf Scholz declared on the podium in front of Ukrainian ambassador Andrie Melnik. “We need a flying plane, a boat that can sail at sea,” he elaborated on the Prime Minister without irony. The pitiful condition of the Bundeswehr, a victim of chronic underinvestment, is regularly headlined. newspaper. Former Prime Minister Angela Merkel had to postpone her trip many times because of damage to her military air fleet. In a two-week mission in Lithuania to secure the eastern side of NATO, German soldiers complain that they lack the most basic equipment, such as underwear and warm jackets. “We are more or less dry,” admitted Army staff Alphonse Mais last Thursday.

There was nothing to foresee such a Copernican Revolution at the top of the German state. The 63-year-old Olaf Scholz is part of this “idealist generation” and is the children of those who have committed the worst atrocities in the name of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. For this reason, Germany was a pacifist, and its leaders were always reluctant to develop military tools and preferred to rely on Americans. For the same reason, Berlin refused to allow Russians to use German weapons until the last moment, fearing to restore the memory of the Wehrmacht crimes in the Soviet Union. ..

“Changes in the times”

The world wouldn’t be what it was

Germany relied on an economic interdependence strategy rather than a French-style military deterrence. “In Germany, we were deeply convinced that if we worked together, there would be no conflict,” explains security expert Claudia Major. It was also believed that Russia, like China, would open up a liberal political system and become a good player on the international stage. A theory implemented by the Social Democratic Chancellor Willy Brandt in the 1970s and perpetuated until the last mission of the conservative Angela Merkel. Gerhard Schroeder, the prime minister of the Social Democratic Party from 1998 to 2005, has now become a nasty symbol by joining the Russian gas giant Gazprom shortly after being defeated in the federal elections.

When he came to power three months ago, Olaf Scholz seemed to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor. He called the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project between Russia and Germany “purely economical” and dismissed concerns that infrastructure actually contributed to Vladimirputin’s imperialist objectives. However, the brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine has destroyed Germany’s conviction “like a sand castle,” the magazine Der Spiegel said. Olaf Scholz stopped just a few months before Nord Stream 2 went live in order to release his country from its dependence on Russia as soon as possible. To make up for this, he intends to “accelerate the development of renewable energy” and “diversify gas supply”, especially with American shale gas. 55% of the gas consumed in Germany comes from Moscow.

“We are living in a changing era, Olaf Scholz on Sunday guaranteed. The world is no longer what it was. The end of” privileged relations “with Russia will eventually come. Anyway, it is a revolution for Germany. Vladimir Putin’s assets are also one less.