Girondins Bordeaux shaken by racist accusations against Benoit Costil

Nothing is going well on the part of Girondins Bordeaux. With 20th place in League One, the club is currently upset by Ultras’ racist accusations, especially against goalkeeper Benoît Costil. The club supported the player in a press release on Tuesday, March 22nd.

Me'”Sacred Union“Called to save the team’s drift, a 6-point L1 red lantern was openly shattered against Montpellier on Sunday before the Girondins leaned on a 2-0 score. , Played 11-9, half with a numerical advantage.

It started with a discussion between two teammates who played together for the first time, Benoît Costil and Bosnian defender Anel Ahmedhodzic. Participating in this first-to-second demo without mastering French, the southern corner of Ultramarine ignites and shows his potential anger to the international goalkeeper who played 179 games with Bordeaux. .. After that, Costil is insulted every time the ball is stolen.

In half-time, Costil was challenged by an ultra-leader who is said to have an impact on the club’s environment, which was taken over by Gerard Lopez last summer. They describe themselves before Costil mimics the gesture that suggests that this supporter is paying management.

Ultramarine reacts on Twitter and evokes. “Scandalous behavior, sometimes racist“De Costil, reminiscent of defender Laurent Koscielny’s name, was forced to retire in January and is now the club’s international ambassador. Without proving these accusations.

“”These people should leave the club as soon as possible.“Next, I’ll summarize a group of supporters who say they rely on the testimony of former and current employees of clubs that are close to the professional group.

If neither of the two players responded, the club’s initial response was not something that would satisfy them. “”I talked to the supporters in half time.They are sick and i understand them“After the blunder, Gerard Lopez tweeted. At the end of the match, 200 supporters blocked the exit of the stadium and asked the players for clarification. Exchanged before a calm return 15 minutes later. Will be nervous.

Delayed reaction from the institution

According to local media, if Costil’s future at the club seems to be at stake, he presented himself for cleaning on Monday and also mentioned a statement of support from his teammates, according to local media. , Currently considering filing a complaint.

The club’s socio-economic committee told its managementIn particular, there is an obligation to protect all employees if one of them is accused of a crime or endangered at work without previous evidence.“.

Through a press release sent to the media at 10:30 pm on Tuesday, management received requests from all sides and responded over 53 hours. There are two versions. First, she said,Existence of allegations of unacceptable behavior and racist remarks made by club employees“.

To date, documents aimed at supporting these claims have not, in principle, drawn the attention of clubs intended to give the utmost attention.

Girondins Bordeaux Soccer Club


The text says “To date, documents aimed at supporting these claims have drawn the attention of clubs, which in principle are intended to give the utmost attention and must recall the need to respect the presumption of innocence. not. ..) If such accusations prove to be justified, the club will immediately bring out all the appropriate results.“.

This first version is “Players (no one) want to make sure this doesn’t correspond to the reality of what they experience in the locker room“, The second version, sent shortly thereafter, waters this passage.

Senegalese striker M’Baye Niang said on Wednesday on his social networkGreat support for (his) friends Benoit Costil and Laurent Koscielny in these difficult times … serious accusations and contrary to the values ​​of these two men I have known for many years.“.