Girondins Bordeaux will play their future before the CNOSF on Thursday

Bordeaux, which failed twice by a French soccer financial police officer, was heard by the French National Olympic Sports Committee (CNOSF), and the Girondins played league 2. The third attempt was to the club’s national (Part 3). Is it the right attempt to avoid administrative demotion and is definitely synonymous with compulsory clearing?

The Girondins, in any case, want the CNOSF to give a positive opinion on the request for mediation on Friday evening, perhaps Monday. In that case, the file will be referred to the Executive Committee of the French Federation (FFF) and an urgent decision must be made prior to the resumption of League 2 on Saturday, July 30th. To avoid demotion, led by controversial President Gerard Lopez, who is super-existing in the media to save this French football monument, as he had already done when he bought the club last summer. From a former American shareholder who hopes to bring Bordeaux, who has fought for weeks, to life.

Surrounded by lawyers, representatives of the local business community, and supported by elected officials from the metropolis of Bordeaux and Gironde lawmakers who accused him a few days ago. “Guarantee of death»Because the club is at risk, a businessman in Luxembourg, Spain, was successfully sentenced on Tuesday to approve a rescue plan from the Bordeaux Commercial Court.

Debt reduction

Legally, it is superior to this same court order issued before passing in early July, before the appeals committee of DNCG, the financial police officer of French football.Demotion, great disappointment of Bordeaux leaders who have claimed manyObvious errorWith federal motives.

The homologation ruling is a 75% (from € 53 million to € 13.5 million) reduced debt and € 24 million (10) signed between the Girondins and their American creditors King Street and Fortress. Guarantee the sale of players during the capital increase and transfer period 14).

“”FCGB is not in a state of suspension of payments, and the terms and conditions of the agreement guarantee the sustainability of the club within the framework of maintenance in League 2. This will allow clubs to earn positive cash flow until June 2023.“The court says.

With this approval, “The latest misconceptions that football authorities have made so far.We are confident in the future“Tuesday evening, I appointed Deputy General Manager Thomas Jackmier.

How the CNOSF mediator, who must give an advisory opinion on Friday evening or early next week,COMEX»If you like this opinion of FFF, you will receive this document added to the file. Are you threatened with unacceptability?

“”Achieve justice»»

Refer to Article 5 of the DNCG Rule, “New documents and / or commitments that the convening club wants to present must be prepared and formally embodied on this date at the latest during the hearing at the Appeals Commission.“In order to protect themselves, Bordeaux leaders, knowing that their project is not feasible in the country, demanded an appointment from the Ministry of Sports in the wake of the passage in front of the CNOSF. I got it. “”We didn’t ask anyone for incentives, but we did ask for the files to be treated fairly.Our only requirement is that justice be done“Warned Gerard Lopez.

Historically, Nice (2002) and Lens (2014) have been in front of CNOSF mediators and have had favorable judgments after being verified by Comex. Meanwhile, Strasbourg (2011) and Le Mans (2013) also succeeded in persuading the CNOSF, but the FFF, which confirmed the demotion, did not. If the Girondins, who started major social plans at the same time, do not get a green light from Comex and return to L2, they can rely on this approval decision if they decide to submit a provisional order to the administrative court. ..