Giroud enjoys his return and talks about his relationship with Deschamps!

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Olivier Giroud, who was recalled to the French team by Didier Deschamps to make up for Karim Benzema’s absence, did not hide his joy when he returned to the blues. In an interview with Requip, he not only returned to this comeback, but also demonstrated the nature of his relationship with Didier Deschamps.

When he returns to choice

“Like the fact that everything is always possible. You need to believe it and give yourself a means. I am very happy to be in Claire Fontaine. With my pride and determination to wear a jersey Nothing has changed. Blue. I’m still competitive and scoring in this great club, especially when I’m wearing a jersey like AC Milan. I’m at the top of Serie A. Coach Knows the demands of this championship. I take this return as a gift that is a bonus for my career. Hopefully with Milan I thought I could keep the door half open. It was deep in my heart, but it wasn’t an obsession. This recall to the national team is the result of a good job at Milan and my performance. ”

About the relationship with Deschamps

“The coach sent me a message for my birthday (September 30th). I think it was the day before his list of the Nations League Final Four. We called back. Since then. He wasn’t. Until this last call last Saturday, he left me a message before the match at Cagliari (1-0). He called me before Siesta. I asked him to call back. Monday night. But I celebrated the birthday of” Ninou” (Antoine Griezmann). It continued! We took advantage of it. We were among us. I’m glad to be there again. I haven’t talked face-to-face with each other since the Euro. Even if a lot of things have already been digested, I need to talk between responsible adults. I’m specific. I’ve always been ahead. The coach knows. My state of mind He knows I’m fresh, available and always 200% on the French team I’m always saying that. Through diligence, self-sacrifice, and patience, I have better days. I’m happy to have this discussion with my coach. I hear he still has to tell me. ”

About his status

“At some point, the status may change. We need to adapt. The French team has evolved in different situations. Today, from maturity and my experience, the coach is back with great motivation for me. I think you need to know that, no matter what role he gives me, that’s why we need to talk to the coach. Everything is facilitated by communication. J “I He needs to tell me what he expects from me. That’s the main thing. I always want to bring my stones to the building. “

About his preferential vote

“I’m ready for everyone and every system. We’re all great professionals. (He laughs) I’m like a chameleon. I adapt! Important thing Is to make me feel the best I can. The French team remains above all, the team’s cohesiveness is extraordinary and the French team has worked well with me. Without me But it worked well. I’m sure there’s a lot of talent to continue, whether it’s a tactical device or a player. Have great ambition. ”

About Thierry Henry’s record

“It’s a goal as a competitor like the World Cup. All the records and all the possibilities I still have available to enrich my record remain the goal. Obviously, the second world title. Is a dream. It’s like breaking an “old man”. ‘record! (He smiles) He is called it like me. It’s affectionate!


Olivier Giroud did not hide his joy when he returned to the French team. He also had the opportunity to discuss his relationship with Didier Deschamps. Not to mention Thierry Henry’s record, he is still deep in his heart.

Nathan Brikouto