Gobert’s Ambiguous Answer to Blue’s Embiid Hypothesis

The Blues pivot made specific mention of Joel Embiid at a press conference in Nanterre on Tuesday.

Rudy Gobert is fine, thank you. “motivated» The start of this preparation with the French basketball team and, as always, ambitious for Euro 2022 (September 1-18), with only a gold medal in mind («Personally, I’m tired of bronze and silver medals.”). However, the Timberwolves newcomer did not attend the collective session Tuesday morning in Nanterre. “It wasn’t since the playoffs that I didn’t object. I had a lot of personal work, a lot of physical work, and at the end of the season my knee was a little sore.In the next few days I will train intensively‘, he swore, ‘no problem“.

No problem with his knee, but it has been announced that Joel Embiid will be arriving in the French team, is it for him? Both players play in the same position. And the Saint-Quentin giant’s answer is… ambiguous. “He’s an incredible player…then there’s a lot to think about in terms of logistics, and most of all, it’s possible.‘, he slips. In this case, soon the Cameroonian pivot will be naturalized. He can choose just to get a passport and his Fiba license. And Gobert continues:It’s clear that Joel is a unique player. We already have a cohesive team and some groups live together… obviously we need to see how it works for the group.“. Vincent Collett, he made no secret of his intention to call Embiid. Perhaps the 2023 World Cup or 2024 in Paris.

It’s the Paris Olympics and we’re not in Paris.. that’s the minus point.

Rudy Gobert

However, the Olympics start in Lille for the basketball Blues, joining Bercy in the final stages. 2024 Reel: “better than the first option» Gobert smiles as he mentions Hall 6 of the Parc des Expositions at the Porte de Versailles. “The positive is playing in front of more people than the NBA. Great for French sport, fans and us. Then, of course, we are not in Paris. It’s the Paris Olympics and we’re not in Paris.. that’s the minus point. But I know that the Olympics are not just a small local tournament (laughs). There are many tournaments, sports to manage. We want our sport to be respected at fair value in France. I hope to get there someday. But we are already grateful for the fact that they have made an effort to change that.“We are not there yet…

Meanwhile, it’s time to prepare for the Euros in Germany with a six-match menu, including two related to qualifying for the 2023 World Cup. summer.. . “When you start a new adventure with a new team or a new organization, you inevitably feel the desire to aim higher and the excitement of taking on new challenges.Even if you don’t miss it in general, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t motivate me.“, he laughs, he needs to take on even more responsibility,”AcquisitionWith Evan Fournier without Nicholas Batum and Nando de Coro. Additionally, and more generally, I would add:I know it’s never an easy job, but we believe in our strengths and will work hard for a month to keep it in the best shape possible and as close as possible.European coronation. After winning bronze at the 2019 World Cup and silver at the Tokyo Olympics last summer, hiding is no problem. ”This is the mentality of the French team“.

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