Gorgeous.Kurt: An important event for the 2022 season at the Onereboa circuit

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Some national championships will stop at Kart 61 in 2022. © Exterior

After a purely international 2021 ornais K61 cart club Find the national calendar in 2022. And high level.

It continues one after another during the three weekends of the race. Three French Championships, the Normandy Championship finals, the Normandy Cup race to determine the Norman team in the National Finals, and finally the classic Norman Challenge round.

April 23rd and 24th: 3 rounds

The French Junior Championships event will be held at the Onerebois Circuit on the weekends of April 23rd and 24th. This is the sixth time such an event has been held in Orne. This one-design formula is dedicated to the detection and training of future champions with the support of the French Federation of Automobile Sport (FFSA) Academy. This event is open to drivers aged 12 to 15 years.

In total, the championship will take place in five events. K61 organizes the second. The best drivers of this championship want to join the French FFSA Espoir Kart team and evolve into a single-seater in the French Formula 4 Championship.

The Normandy Championship will take place on the same weekend. It spans three races in Cherbourg, Rouen and Onerebois. The K61 club is hosting the finals!

11 Normandy Champion Titles to be awarded

Obviously, the primary purpose of this regional tournament is to award the long-awaited Normandy 2022 Champion title in the pilot’s career. However, it also makes it possible to choose the best pilot to participate in the French Championship. Category. Therefore, after two days of intensive racing, more than 11 Normandy 2022 Champion titles will be awarded at the end of Sunday, April 24th.

But before that, Saturday will be marked with free practice and qualifying, during which time all drivers will try to get the best time possible. At the end of these, each participant will be informed of the starting position of the final stage of Sunday.

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Course Club Orne, on the other hand, is reserved for novice pilots with a variety of equipment. This makes it possible to accommodate the “leisure / leisure training licensees” who make up the majority of the members of the Kurt movement. The latter regularly drives various circuits to practice sports karts. This race is designed to encourage you to take a step towards competing with the adrenaline rush of the start and the direct conflict on the track in collaboration with certain organizations.

There are 32 departures for a total of 2 days. A struggle for so many emotions and intense sports. The main feature of the cart is to renew the spectacle.

July 30th and 31st: Norman Challenge

K61 will host the third round of the Norman Challenge, entitled “Ohn’s Division Council Trophy,” on July 30th and 31st.

Characterized by being registered with the FFSA in the form of a “course club”, it can extend access to the FFSA for pilots who do not always dare to participate in federal races. You can also get a day license to discover competitive carts or, if you’re a veteran, rediscover. Therefore, the K61 wants to use the Normandy Challenge as a locomotive to develop carts and motivate recreational drivers to challenge the competition.

“We are hosting international races and we want all Norman drivers to get the most out of our infrastructure, whether they are experienced pilots or beginners.” Ornais club says.

October 1st and 2nd: National Championship

A year after receiving the FIA ​​Cart European Championships OK and OK Junior, the Onereboa Cart Track and K61 Club are once again preparing to take the lead in motorsport news. Indeed, the FFSA once again relied on the Normandy circuit to host the major events of the 2022 season. On the weekend of October 1st, two major titles of the French Champion will be awarded.

First, there are those in the national category reserved for drivers between the ages of 12 and 16 and those in the KZ category (gearbox cart). The latter is the fastest and most spectacular at a standing start, like a car.

“The purpose is to maintain the trust of the French Motorsports Federation and the League of Nations. Above all, thanks to the investment made in 2021 with the support of the Province of Orne and the Normandy region, the Ornais circuit remains a benchmark. That’s what K61 says.

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